Could A Fiery Magic Counter Be Viable?


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    Published on Dec 21, 2021
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    Rule Sets: Target Practice and Close Range

    Djinn Oshannus is the most powerful of the new legendary reward cards but after the release of the Chaos Legion cards in the market, and the loss of Alric from the starter deck, the card’s value dropped significantly.

    In my opinion though this was a mistake as although Djinn Oshannus could no longer benefit from Alric’s +1 to magic damage, he’s still a very powerful legendary card, especially with his ability “Void” that reduces all incoming magic damage by 1.

    The good thing about Oshannus’ Void ability was the fact that it could be used in level 1. And if paired with Bortus’ -1 to magic damage ability; Oshannus could be considered as one of the best anti-magic tank in the game.

    Of course this video is not all about Djinn Oshannus, it’s just that people seemed to be discounting him a bit too simply because we lost Alric in the starting deck.

    Anyhow, besides Djinn Oshannus’ role in the current meta, the highlight of the video was my opponent’s use of the Fire Deck as counter to magic. Yes, I was surprise too when I saw what my opponent did.

    Honestly, I never once thought of using Fire Splinters to counter magic. Of course, he didn’t just use Fire Splinters in this match, as there were two Neutral units as well, both of which have the “Reflect” ability.

    I’m not sure if my opponent’s idea is good in other situation but it certainly didn’t work in this particular match. Why? Because for one, my line up could also be considered anti-magic especially with Bortus as my summoner and Djinn Oshannus as my main tank. You see, I too was kinda expecting to face off against a lineup full of magic attacker. And I was right… well kinda.

    I say “kinda” because half of my opponent’s units are indeed magic based with the other half being melee. I on the other hand have two magic units, two range units, one melee, and a healer.

    And with Oshannus being my front tank, and Bortus removing 1 magic damage for each of my opponent’s magic unit, the match could be said to be in my favor. Moreover, the rule set; Target Practice allows two of my range and one of my magic units to target his strongest attacker which happened to be the legendary Fire Splinter Caladuum.

    And although Caladuum was very powerful, it quickly falls to the onslaught of Nerissa Tridawn, Axemaster, and Sniping Narwhal.

    His frontliner (Prismatic Energy) on the other hand couldn’t even pass Djinn Oshannus despite its Reflect ability reflecting a portion of Oshannus’ damage every turn. And to make matters worse, his other units (Rusty Android, Tusk the Wide, and Cerberus) were pretty much useless as they couldn’t attack after being placed in 2nd, 4th and last position respectively. I believed that if these three melee units could attack, my opponent my not have lost the match so badly.

    Basically, the rule set; my choice of summoner and Splinter, and my opponent’s placement of his units contributed to my victory in this match. That being, I do think that my opponent’s idea wasn’t bad at all. If he could refine his strategy more i.e, correctly placing his units, etc., using Fire/Neutral as counter to magic-based Splinters might actually become a viable option.

    Anyways, that’s all for now. Thanks for watching.

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