Getting my ass kicked in the Hive Chess Tournament


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    Published on Feb 25, 2022
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    I can't stress this enough, I am heartbroken at how this tournament finished for me...

    I mean, I beat @franu - he/she resigned after being left with 3 pawns and I had a rook and a knight - who is 800 ELO points higher than me! He went Berserk and blundered a bishop on turn 3 and I took advantage of that and managed to defend miraculously against his attack, to a point where I sacrificed my queen for a rook just to stop his momentum and then regrouped my pieces to keep holding on, to which point he has a few seconds in the clock and then blundered his queen.

    The thing is, this was on the last match, so the time was already up, meaning the game didn't count and there's no record of it... so my most underdog position win in my whole HiveChess participation - and probably chess career didn;t count.

    Skip to minute 58 if you want to want this game against @franu. And obviously I'm joking, I am not heartbroken but damn, would've been great to have that win on record.

    I finished this tournament with 6 points and in 19th place - on the second page of the tournament, not the third, which is my current goal - after beating @rodrook, @lighteye and @schamangerbert and damn, I can't even begin to explain how this happene.

    @lighteye would have his revenge afterwards, but on the game I won I played the black pieces and as you can see, he had a very aggresive opening and I made some mistakes, but - I even mention it on the video a couple of moves before - I spotted a bishop check that allowed me to take his queen and after that I managed to come out on top.


    Skip to minute 9 to watch this game.

    The game against @schamangerbert was incredible, and it was also a game I should've lost on turn 8 when I blundered my Queen - right after talking trash against Herby for going Berserk against me and thinking so little of my game (just trashtalking of course) - but he didn't see it, he didn't notice I blundered my Queen and after that my game went up and I spotted a nice tactic that allowed me to win a piece right here:


    After that my goal was to simplify the position and trade pieces being a full piece up, and in the end I noticed a tactic to skewer his Kind and Queen to which he resigned.

    I shouldn't have won that one either but I didn, skip to minute 53 to watch the game.

    Overall I lost the games I should've lost against @cocacolaron, @petreius and @eniolw, who are definitely out of my league and not even with Berserk and playing with odds would lose against me.

    On the other hand, I blundered a checkmate against @giacomone. I should've won on time but since I thought the game was won, stopped focusing and walked right into a checkmate with 35 seconds on the clock against 7 with equal material..

    I am slowly getting comfortable with playing this long tournaments (long for me, yeah), by the way @jaki01 and @stayoutoftherz, I stand corrected, 3+2 allowing berserk is a better way of balancing the ELO's between players, I felt like I had more of a chance against high rated players going berserk with a minute and a half on the clock.

    Anyway, I hope you watch the video while you do something else and maybe can point me at where I can get better - either chess related or content creation related).

    See you next Friday!

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