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    Published on Mar 22, 2022
    About :

    Greetings to all the members in the Hive platform especially the Splinterlands community.

    I will share today my battle entry for this week's Share Your Battle Challenge featuring the monster Disintegrator. It is a common non-element melee monster from the Chaos Legion Edition.

    The featured battle is in the Silver League battle while the level of my chosen monsters is within the guide of the Bronze League because I want to maximize my the 600 DEC that is available in my account. Overall, the cost of my rentals reached 564.690 DEC where I rented all the cards I need in all the elements.

    Here is the battle featuring the Disintegrator.


    • Unprotected: Armor stat is in all the players monsters are not available in the battle.
    • Broken Arrows: Range monsters can't be use in the battle.
    • 99 mana battle.


    • For this battle, I expect the opponent that he/she will choose magic damagers in the battle based on his past battle records. I decided to choose Mimosa Nightshade as my summoner, reducing the range damage of the enemy by -1 range, giving my chosen monsters the Void ability to reduced the magic damage they receives, and gives the Affliction debuff to enemy monsters to nullify the healing capabilities of the enemy monsters.

    • For the first position, I choose Bone Golem, a rare melee damager with a stats of 3 melee, 1 speed, 2 armor, and 7 health. With the Void ability, it reduces the magic damage it receives.

    • Second position is The Gordolon. An epic melee damager with a stats of 4 melee, 1 speed, and 12 health. It can attack the first position monster of the enemy even in this position thanks to the Reach ability given to this monster.

    • Third position is the featured monster Disintegrator. A common melee damager with a stats of 2 melee, 1 speed, 2 armor, and 6 health. It reduces the melee attack of the enemy monsters thanks to the Demoralize ability.

    • Fourth position is the Dark Ha'on. A legendary melee damager with a stats of 2 melee, 3 speed, 1 armor, and 13 health. Because of the Taunt ability, all the attacks of the enemy monsters aside from the first position monster will attack this monster directly. it also has a high chance of evading melee and range attacks from the enemy.

    • Fifth position is the Sand Worm, a common melee damager with a stats of 5 melee, 2 speed, and 6 health. It attacks the last position monster of the enemy.

    • Last position is the Phantom Soldier. An epic magic damager with a stats of 2 magic, 3 speed, and 9 health. It has a high chance of evading melee and range attacks from the enemy making it a good backline defense monster.


    Link to battle

    In this battle, both the level of the monsters in the field is within the Bronze league guide. The affliction debuff is acquired my the enemy, and the Demoralize ability of the Disintegrator reduces the melee damage of the enemy monsters. In the first round, all the attacks of the monsters goes to the monsters with the Taunt ability in the field. By the second level, the opponent's monster with the Taunt ability died first. In the third round, the Dark Ha'on in my field was defeated. The last position monster of the enemy died also in this round. The opponent's Venari Knifer is defeated in the fourth round. The Gordolon is defeated in the fifth round. The attacks continues in the sixth round, and by the seventh round, the Disintegrator is defeated, the Sandworm defeated the enemy Unicorn Mustang followed by defeating the Goblin Psychic which make the Regal Peryton the remaining monster of the opponent in the 8th round which is instantly defeated leading to my victory, and earning me 5.063 DEC from the reward pool.


    The strategy in this battle worked efficiently. Thanks to the Affliction debuff given by my summoner to the enemy, the ability of the opponent's Goblin Psychic was nullified giving me a chance in winning the battle. With the Void ability, the magic damages that was received by my chosen monsters reduced making some of my monsters to last long in the battle. Both players in the field has a monster with the Taunt ability but because I choose the Dark Ha'on, it gives me an advantage in the health stat that lasted n the third round while the enemy lasted only in the second round. The ability of the Disintegrator also helps in this battle, reducing the melee damage of the enemy. With the mana capacity in the highest available possible in battles, I decided to choose all the monsters in my rentals in the high mana call cost with high health stat available.


    Disintegrator is a good card to use especially in between the 20 to 30 mana battles. I also like the ability given to this monster that I decided to use it in other battles aside from this battle. It is a good monster in the first position making it one of the card that I will rent whenever I wanted to play the game.

    Thank you for reading my blog. I hope that it could give you some tips on how to strategize in your battles. Wishing you all a satisfying rewards this season.


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    Splinterlands Art Contest-Week 181-Shieldbearer

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    Alexis Mae Afable

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    I'm just an ordinary person who discovered this awesome platform by playing games, and just like other players in the Splinterlands community, I share my gaming experiences weekly by joining in their weekly challenges. I would love to share also in the future my gaming, travel, and life experiences.

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