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    Published on Aug 27, 2021
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    When you start your creation journey on hive, it's quite difficult to get a lot of visitors to your posts. The reason is simple. Hive doesn't have these algorithms that filter the content according to what you want to read. As a content consumer on Hive you mainly see the posts with the highest value. These posts are often written by the authors that are well known on the blockchain and have many followers.

    When you start it is therefore very difficult to get readers, upvotes and comments on your posts. The best way to work your way up is to engage with others, to read posts, to make comments and build relationships. This definitely works but it takes a lot of time.

    Get some views thanks to external websites

    Another strategy to get some readers to your posts is to promote your posts on other platforms. I have been doing that quite regularly and the most successful way for me has been through the platform is a kind of simplified twitter that allows you to post short form content and also links. The great thing is that you can also get paid for your content.

    There are a lot of Hivians that are active on the platform. I've built a lot of relationships on with other people from hive. In addition to that by presenting your hive content on, you will help to promote Hive to the outer world!

    How to earn money on

    I'm using for different reasons. Of course I try to promote my hive posts but I also post some small content about Splinterlands or things that happen in my life. If people like my content, I sometimes get tips in the form of BCH.

    In order to get valuable tips, I realized that the best is to behave like I behave on hive. I engage, I like, I comment and I create posts. The more active I am on the platform, the more my posts seem to get value.

    However we need to avoid any type of spam or bad value content. This is not good for our income on

    Transforming my BCH into Hive

    In your wallet you can enter a BCH wallet and define when you want to get a payout. I have set my threshold at 0.5$ and I entered my deposit BCH wallet from blocktrades. My BCH tips are sent to blocktrades, exchanged into Hive and credited to my hive account automatically.

    How much do you earn with that?

    The other day I tracked all the transactions that came through blocktrades from During the last month I made around 68 Hive! Thinking that I earn that to mainly promote my Hive posts, this is a very interesting income I believe. I spend about 20 minutes on the platform every day and I have around 700 followers there. You might therefore not earn that much at the beginning. In addition to that you might need to “convince” the algorithm that you deserve to get tips. Do it by engaging, linking and creating content in a meaningful way.

    Join and become my affiliate

    A couple of days ago, has introduced an affiliate program. This is very interesting because it allows you to earn money to bring your friends to it. If you are interested to join, please use the following link and you will become my referral. I will then have a direct interest in seeing you develop well on and I will gladly give you feed-back and some help :-)

    My affiliate link for

    Let's connect ! You can find me on these platforms:

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