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    Published on Dec 01, 2020
    About :


    Hello dear friends

    i am back with my new splinterland battle post , so this week,splinterland weekly battle theme is FLAMESMIT, so i used this flamesmith in this battle to win the war. this week splinterland post is SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! FLAMESMITH

    i am a little bit late to write this post, but time is not over, i am here to take participate.


    My Line Up


    • in this battle , i used MALRIC INFERNO
      Fire Summoner , reason of using it is that our theme monster also is from fire family so i think it was necessary to use it , so i gave command to this summoner .


    above battle screenshot round first, so you can view my battle line up , my battle line up is right side below

    my favourite zero mana cost FURIOUS CHICKEN , i placed it at first place, and my opponent also used same monster at first place, that was really very much interesting view , but reason was this to place to eat first attack of opponent side, that was really much strong, so in this way i was thinking to protect my main monster from the first attack of opponent side so this was purpose of using it.


    above is end of round 1,screenshot, in first round both side furious chicken were killed ,, so this round was amazing

    i place at 2nd position CHAIN GOLEM, it was my main fighter monster that took position of first place after the death of furious chicken, so it has ability of reduced damage from melee attack and one heart killer monster can not harm it so it has strong body and strong power that badly hit the opponent side, this monster has ability to bring victory to own side in any level so i had it at 2nd place


    above is round 2, battle screenshot, in this round my team killed first and 2nd position monsters of opponent so this was great


    above is round 3 screenshot that is taken from the battle area

    i placed at 3rd place FLAMESMITH and it is also theme card of in this week battle challenge , so here i want to tell you all that , i bought this monster only to take participate in this battle challenge, so it is first time that i used this monster,so i do not know very much abilities of this monster, so i used it in dozen battle this time, but i could not understand it ability and best position but i think, it is best one in at 2nd or 3rd position , but still i am learning about this monster


    above is last round 4, screenshot and you can all see my team victory and last monster is going to die of opponent

    PYROMANCER was my last card and i placed it at 4th position , so it has ability of throwing fire and his attack also affect the 2nd position monster of opponent, so i love this monster very much to place it

    i got victory in this battle, and i am able to publish my victory in this present challenge battle



    If you want to watch my this battle live on splinterlands site then below is the direct link to this battle


    • Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

    dear my friend , my this post and video also is proof that my strategy worked very well and i got victory and i want to use this monster more position to get idea of its abilities

    • Do you like the FLAMESMITH? Why or why not?

    i bought FLAMESMITH now to take participate in this challenge, so at this time i can say it is best monster, my invesment went to good card, so i want to observe this monster in more battle , but i think this time it is looking very nice monster and i can use it in future.


    I am Yousaf Khan working as a teacher in the education department. I have been here since 2017. I love to travel, hunt food, fish, write, read books, teaching is my passion. My first and last option is on the Internet HIVE blogging. #HIVE is my family. My academic qualification is post graduate in education.



    If you are from Pakistan, join #HIVE and spread #HIVE message to every corner of Paksitan to strengthen #HIVE. you can contact me to meetup. it is my discrod username:yousafharoonkhan#8913

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    source of above gif/image


    Dear friends if you like Original photography of #nature #birds #animals #flowers #food #birds, #food, #traveling, #photography, #wildlife then follow me, i love to write original work, daily photography. follow me always to see new photography.





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