Batte to Reach Diamond I - A Splinterlands Experience


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    Published on Jun 15, 2020
    About :

    This is the first time being ranked in Diamond I since fighting in the Splinterlands world. This ranking was achieved during Enjury Time, very thrilling.

    By occupying Diamond I you will get Season Rewards of 60 Loot Chests.

    In this battle, I get the chance to test guts with @prodliker who dropped his team. We both use summoners in the form of Alric Stormbringer but he is at level 3 while I am level 5 summoners. The complete team of monsters sent down by @prodliker are: Battle Orca 3, Creeping Ooze 4, Furious Chicken 3, Sea Genie 4, Ice Pixie 1 and Albatros 1

    As for me with Summoner Alric Stormbringer with monsters: Spineback Turtle 5, Saber Shark 5, Furious chicken 5, and Ruler of The sea 2. With this victory my current Rating rating is 3430.

    Here are the qualifications and abilities of the team that I used this time:

    Alric Stormbringer
    The oldest ΛZMΛRÉan Summoner, Alric Stormbringer, founded the modern arts of Chaos Magic. He has many pupils from around the Splinterlands. Alric's gift is not so much bringing the storm, but channeling it. He has lived for hundreds of years, and some stories claim he was alive before the Splintering.


    Spineback Turtle
    Spineback Turtles live around the edges of the Dark Water, in the inner seas of ΛZMΛRÉ. They can breathe water, but the incredibly harsh climate of the Water Splinter makes the recesses of the deep more comfortable. They are generally gentle creatures, but when roused to battle, they are shockingly difficult to destroy.

    Saber Shark
    Saber Sharks can smell a potential meal underwater from a mile away, and their prey never hears them coming. Though these sharks are heavily concentrated in ΛZMΛRÉ, they can be found anywhere in the Splinterlands. These sharks are deadly enough, but they are a full fifty times smaller than their cousin, the Megalodon.

    Furious Chicken
    The chickens of the Splinterlands have had enough. For too long they have been kept in cages and pens. For too many generations their eggs have been made into omelettes, their breasts and thighs into nuggets, and their most pristine feathers into rather tacky jewelry. Under the brave leadership of a great hero known only as The Alpha Chicken, all chicken-kind is finally rising up against their oppressors. This uprising, all across the Splinterlands, is known as the Cluckening.

    Ruler of the Seas
    The Ruler of the Seas may be as old as the seas. He is also known as the Ocean Oracle, and is said to have greater knowledge than time and space. Getting him to answer a question, however, may be one of the most difficult quests in all of the Splinterlands.

    And I want to share this moment of Diamond I victory with my friends. Here is the link:

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