Book Review #11 : Dark Romance, Baby Doll


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    Published on Sep 11, 2021
    About :

    Baby Doll
    What Would You Do If You Have to Married An Old Mafia

    Hi booklovers...

    What book are you reading nowadays?

    Novel is still my favorite book as always. I didn't read non fiction book a lot, and it's the reason why I felt regret nowadays, cause I have never interested about non fiction book. What a pity?!

    Okay, may be next I'll review a non fiction book but I can't promise it!

    Okay, at this time I want to share about what book I have read. It's a romance novel, the author was claimed that her novel is Dark Romance Genre. But after I read this book, I don't think so. It's not that dark.

    Relate to the tittle I have written above, What would you do if that is happened to you? If you have met the mafia who has big gap age with you? Oh please, don't saying that you prefer it if that mafia is handsome. I'll kill you. Handsome mafia is just exist in novel.

    Okay, save your imagination on your pocket and let me telling you my opinion about this book.

    Baby Doll
    Author: Atika
    Publisher: Grass Media
    Published: January 2019
    Page: 370
    Genre: Dark Romance


    Ellard Delwyn Osbert. A 37-year-old adult man who is cold-blooded and lives a perfect life full of wealth. He is the leader of the world's largest arms dealer mafia. His ruthlessness made all his enemies think twice about challenging him.

    However, not many know that he has the opposite nature of his. He could be very gentle and affectionate towards his little angel, Eleanore Cathleen, a beautiful woman twenty years his junior.

    Ellard used various ways to make Elea happy and to grow love in the girl's heart. Can Ellard marry Elea on a lie he has built? Then, what will he do if Elea finds out about his cruel work?

    I will say that this novel for 18+ cause Baby Doll contained a violence (of course these book about a mafia life.) and there's a bed scene who's very clearly narrated. It's not recommend for teenagers, and don't think about my age! I'm clearly an adult one. Hahaha...

    Speaking of which, I get this book from my virtual friend. She has opened a giveaway in her social media, and don't know why when I said that I want this book, she directly sent to me.

    This is called, the power of orang dalam!


    A 20 Years Old Man Want to Married A 5 Years Old Baby Girl

    The story begins with the life of a-handsome-mafia gang leader named Ellard Delwyn Osbert, or commonly called as Ellard, Mr. Ellard.

    Ellard is a young man who comes from a wealthy family and he is appointed to lead his family's company. Ellard was a famous person among businessmen, state officials, even criminals in mafia's world. He has British ancestry and makes many men jealous of his advantages. He has all things that all human being wants, treasures, thrones, and women.

    Whatever he wants, he would be flick his fingers and his wish was immediately fulfilled. It may sounds impossible but it is the truth.

    When money is above all, what can't money buy?

    May be you can already describe what the main character of this man looks like. and to be honest there are a lot of characters like this in wattpad stories. Too hard to be true.

    One day, his company, Osbert Corporation, want to get a land where on that land there's an orphanage named Sun Daisy. Because of his staff couldn't take the land and Ellard was being angry. He also fired his staff and handled the seizure of the land himself. He then met the owner of the orphanage, a middle-aged woman named Jelena. Then he met Eleanore Cathleen, a 5 years old baby girl. Ellard fallin in love with Elea, yes, the 25 years old man become fallin in love with 5 years old baby. But he will not adopt Elea, he will marry Elea.

    Can we called Ellard is pedofil? Hhhmm...

    But, Ellard has to wait Elea until she's growing up. And after the meeting, Ellard didn't displace Sun Daisy. Instead, Jelena must raise Elea well. Jelena had no choice so she followed Ellard's wish.

    Time after time, Elea has grow up into a beautiful girl. When at 18 years old, finally she meets Ellard, the 37 years old man. In her birthday, Jelena told Elea that she has to moving out from Sun Daisy for live with Ellard. Elea who's didn't know about Ellard become surprised but she has no choice. Even she is very love Sun Daisy, she has to live with Ellard before they're married.


    What I Like And Dislike About This Novel

    I Dislike

    These novel has a unique story, but to be honest I dislike the story which's talking about a man and a girl who have huge age gap. Even in real life, I'm also dislike. Yeah, I hate how author create the story about the character in these book. First, the main male is not real, it's exist in our imagination, the main female too. She has be depicted as unlucky girl but in fact she is lucky girl. I have no favorite character in this novel. And I can't catch what messages that the author want to convey through this novel. This novel is just for entertainment I thought. It's fit for girl with big imagination and like to hallucinating.


    I Like

    I like the technic of the author written this story. She has unique way to telling the story. The setting of this novel is in America and the style of language spoken is very great. She has written with formal language so I felt like I'm read a translation book.

    She has made the each character are very clear, like where does this character come from, how the visual of each character. All character are very strong and lifelike.

    She's succeed to make her audience imagine each character and each scenes. The fight scenes, the romance scene, and the bed scene are like real. Even I damn clearly imagine the bed scene, I don't know how to say it that I become addicted to the bad scene. Then I curious about the age of the author.

    In other that, I like the cover. It's so simple but really nice to see.


    I rate this novel with 3 star from 5 star. The 3 star is for how the author telling the story that I liked.

    A Little About The Author

    Baby Doll was written by Atika with full name Siti Nur Atika. She's come from South Sumatera, It's same island with my hometown, and if you see in the map, North and South Sumatera was near. *Smirk.

    As I read the profil of Atika in the end of novel, she has published 5 books which's the theme about Fantasy and Dark Romance. Baby Doll was her first dark romance. She wish her novels would be remember by her audiences and she wish she's go international one day.

    Well, I pray for you Atika.


    The picture above I got from Goodreads which's she has published 5 books, include Baby Doll

    Well, I think I have talked a lots and it's time to end my review. Thank's for reading my blog. Please looking forward my next review. And disclaimer, this review was my original post.

    Vivie Hardika

    I have so many imagination in my head. Something that I can't achieve as human and as a girl. So writing very challenging. Since in Junior High School, I written whatever I want to write. Without skill, I just write what I want to read. Now I have 10th published novels and all of that are romance.

    Yeah, I proudly say that I am an mulititalent author!

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