US FDA Stumped By Question: "Swine Flu Vax Was Pulled After 25 Deaths. 1000s Dead From COVID Vax - How Many More?"


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    Published on Aug 08, 2021
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    In this video, a passionate caller contacts the US Food and Drug Administration hotline to ask them a simple question:
    "Given that the VAERS vaccine injury reporting system shows 1000s of deaths possibly attributed to the COVID vaccines and given that the swine flu vaccine was withdrawn from use after only 25 deaths, we need to know how many deaths will the FDA allow from COVID shots before they will be withdrawn!"

    This is a relatively straight forward and logical question, which a rational organisation would have a clear answer to. Yet the person at the FDA just stumbles and fumbles with no coherent reply or even acknowledgement of the issue. The caller even accuses the FDA of murder and genocide, but no motivation to respond was apparent from the FDA agent.

    The number of people logged as having died following a COVID19 shot on the US VAERS system is in multiple thousands. While it is true that VAERS reports are not proof of vaccines having killed the person that died in and of themselves, there is clearly an issue here.
    People are being logged as having died FROM COVID if they received a positive PCR test for COVID even when they actually died of a car accident.. Yet 'fact checkers' claim that the only data the US really has publicly available on vaccine deaths are not valid because the system isn't accurate enough!?
    Surely, if neither system is accurate then the argument that we must vaccinate everyone is no more solid than the claims that vaccines are killing lots of people?
    If that is the case then surely we should err on the side of caution and definitely not be mandating or forcing vaccines on anyone, let alone children!
    Yet, many voices continue to push for exactly such abuses of free will in the name of 'science'!

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