5 things you should know about me



Published on Apr 25, 2020
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5 Things you should know about me

I'm a dad to the best girl in the world!

Yes I know every parent says that but I call bull shit on most. There are truly only a handful of remarkable people out there in the world. And I believe my little Peanut is one of them. She has grown up dealing with extreme anxiety and shyed away from social interactions for most of her childhood, And having a truck driver for a dad she basically grew up with a part time dad. Now whether or not me not being there all those years was the cause of that anxiety I dont know. I just know she is a very talented artist and is most happy with colored pencils and paper or paint and a canvas. She can create some of the most amazing images in just about any medium you can think of and she never ceases to amaze me. I do feel very bad for her because she was just starting to come out of her shell and got a boyfriend, was making friends at school and then the world went into lockdown and now she cant see anyone. Talk about feeling like the world is aligned against you. The poor kid is so stressed right now. I cant imagine what its like for her.

I love my dog

This really is no secret to anybody that follows me on social media. I have posted many pics of my dog Cinnamon (Minnie). She is a Mini Austrailian Sheppard that we paid around $400 because she was my wife's birthday present. Turns out Minnie bonded with me the minute we got her. She is my little hemorroid because she is constantly up my ass. When I'm home she will not leave my side and will go bonkers if I'm in another room.

I have type 2 diabetes

This is somewhat important since I am a truck driver. I'm treating it with a once a day insulin shot, a handful of pills and diet. But iI may have a problem that will disquilify me as a driver. My A1c will not stay down low enough. Meaning that I may be developing a resistance to the insulin. Which means that I will most likely be switched to a diagosis of type 1 diabetes melititus. And that form of diabetes is not allowed by the dot.

Religon is the problem not the diety.

Humans are the dumbest form of intelligent life that has ever been created. Whether you belive that it evolved from a soup of proteins or an omniscent being snapped it's fingers. We let our emotions control us way too much. We put our beliefs in what we each think is right in our own minds. And then we only associate with others that agree mostly with what we ourselves think. Then we oppose all who disagree and label them as evil. All religons are a cult of some kind. Even the lack of one is a cult. What people should be doing is to just have faith. Faith isnt religon, religon is a sinking ship that people jump onto simply because they need a purpose in life. Faith is a vehicle moving forward, towards a destination. Whether your destination is to replicate the life of a diety or to simply exist in a life of peace. Humans need a reason to exist. A reason to live. We need to feel like we are here with a job to do. People have used religon as a weapon to try to get what they personally wanted throughout history. Whether it was the christian crusades, or the jewish holocost. The vast amount of wars through the centries and the slaughtering of billions of human lives have been over religon. Religon has never been about God(s) or dieties, It's always been about one humans power over another human.

In my opinion if people would just stop worrying about how everybody else lives and just lived their own lives then we most likely would achive world peace. But I know that is only a pipe dream.

Why I dont talk about politics

They are devisive, Just as much as religon is about power, politics is the same. In fact it so much similar that we have cults here in the USA, they are known as Democrats and Republicans. While I am very confident in what I believe to be the correct actions for our political system I have always been open to hear all sides of an argument. But in todays wild world of politics we have a bigger problem than in generations past. With both of the major parties becoming staunchly polar oppostes there will always be constant grid lock in washington. And then adding in the "human factor", you know, the ones that just vote for the party and not who they think will best represent them and their personal values, god that shit is annoying.

What the wizzards of smart on the tv and radio news just dont understand is the last election. It's not a democrat vs republican thing anymore. Its an us vs them thing now. You see back around the early 20th century the people runinng the system got corrupted and crony capitalism was born. It has been allowed to fester for over 100 years and the greed for money and power by our elected representitives has grown to heights that they were never meant to reach. Politicians have stayed in office way too long only for their own personal interests. Not the people they are supposed to represent. Every time I hear the term "elected leaders" I just want to smash a brick in the screen. They are not our leaders. They are our representives. And thats where the problem lies. They are supposed to work for us not rule us!

In concusion

I am confident in my faith and in my religon that I dont have any problem debating people about them. I believe what I want to believe and nobody will ever make me change it. People are welcome to try to convice me otherwise and I could change my belifs. But I am the only one who can do that. No government and no other human will ever be able to. I am responible for me and only me. I expect you to be responsible for yourself.

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