Is COVID Going Pass in 2 Years Like SARS? Vaccine Will Take Credit for Natural End of Illness


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    Is COVID-19 here to stay? Will it become COVID-20? Will there be more after that? Or will it be gone in 2 years, as other coronaviruses?

    Dr. Bush has spoken in an interview about some interesting connection on the global level with viruses and pollution. One part of the interview he speak about other coronavirus illnesses having run their course in 2 years. Those would be SARS-COV (SARS) of 2002 and MERS-COV (MERS) of 2012. He says the same will happen with SARS-COVID-2, i.e. COVID-19.

    I checked if this was true.

    From Wikipedia, some common basic knowledge about SARS is it lasted from November 2002 to May 2003. It was over in 2 years. That's it. There were 774 attributed deaths to SARS.

    For MERS, apparently it's still ongoing in the Middle-East, with cases detected into 2020. There have only been 866 attributed deaths to MERS.

    I don't think COVID-19 will be over in 2 years. I think it might have been over in 2 years if the lockdown, isolation and social distancing hadn't happened. But the flattening the curve measures prolonged the virus' life-cycle in the population.

    What do you think?

    From what Dr. Bush said, the coronavirus comes and goes, and it's not because of a vaccine that it's going to be gone.T hat happens on it's own. Bush gives 3 possibilities for the previous coronaviruses being over in 2 years:

    1. developing herd immunity
    2. adjusting to the virus
    3. biological pool for the production of the virus disappears

    If COVID-19 does go away despite the governments doing everything they could to delay that with locakdown and isolation, that won't stop the government and vaccine agenda from taking credit for saving lives. They won't be admitting the virus just faded away.

    It might not fade away either. SARS and MERS didn't really. Both haven't taken many lives despite no vaccine, lockdowns, isolations, etc. MERS is still being reported in the Middle East. Again, there was no lockdown or isolation edicts from the government. And this is with the reported death rates of SARS and MERS being orders higher than COVID-19.


    Note that the COVID-19 death rates are lower than reported as the death counts are inflated, provably. We just don't know what the real death rates are, as the governmental agencies have obfuscated that reality. But with the BS numbers we have, the case-fatality rate is 6.8%.

    I'm not sure COVID-19 will vanish, but it could. I think we will adjust to the virus, like MERS and SARS. We don't really know if SARS-COV from 2002 is really gone either. We are part micro-biome with bacteria and viruses. We are a member within the microbial community. We shouldn't be looking at ourselves as being at war with it, like we are at war with viruses and COVID-19. This is an agenda pursued by Gates. Our savior Gates with his "final solution" of vaccines to rid us of the viral threat.

    No matter what, the government will keep expanding it's powers to surveil and control people's lives. This COVID-19 scamdemic is a main event for the world changing. Changing to what? Socialism and a one world government. COVID-19 may be gone be next summer as Dr. Bush says, but the government will take all the credit to keep pushing the globalist agenda for world control.

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