Completing SNES games - Super Mario World - World 6 - Wendys Castle


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    Published on Nov 29, 2021
    About :

    This world challenges you and is worse inside the castle!

    This is game #18 in my series for completing SNES games using an emulator and ROMs.

    In World 6 of the game Super Mario World I arrive at the chocolate island where these big and small looking dinosaur things roam the land, breathing fire and causing me issues in moving through the level faster.
    But I enjoy the level design, the enemies and the challenge!

    Next is onto another ghost-house unfortunately and my first death is me trying to get in the door but the platform moving back and I fall down...
    The ghosts can be spin jumped onto though, including the trail of numerous ghosts and is helpful in getting up onto the platform and making my way to the end and onto the next fun level.

    After completing another level with fire-breathing dinos and getting to a bonus round at the end for the lives I find myself on a level with a lot of falling spots but I have yoshi and the blue koopa allows my yoshi to fly!
    Helpful for reaching the secret end of level taking me to the mini castle that is not the most fun.

    There are a bunch of Thwomps and fireballs and spikes and shit. Oh what an annoying and challenging level! But prevailing through and using skill helps make it easier and I reach the boss, the triceratops on the platforms that aren't that hard to defeat after the first time.

    Now for Wendy's castle and damn this one! Full of the drop down big ass spikes that are just so much worse here, especially with those saws complicating things and getting in the way. So you will see many deaths at first until I have a nice run through and manage to reach the checkpoint and end up on another tough part.
    This section has platforms with fireballs moving around them, while some platforms move just to complicate things as you are making your way through.

    Luckily I reach Wendy easily and defeat her the first time around and that concludes castle #6 and we can move onto bowser's world!

    Streamlabs OBS used for recording and setting the scene with SNES font, my avatar and the game picture for what I am playing.

    Emulator used: RetroArch
    ROMS: They are the games
    Saving: Using emulator saving between levels or occasionally in tough parts so I don't always die and repeat so then the game can get completed.

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    Tags :

    ocd opg neoxian retro proofofbrain

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