What Does Hive Mean To Me? It Is Grander Than You Think!


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    In the video above, i discussed what HIVE means to me. Kindly watch!!!

    Note: I forgot to read contest post by @theycallmedan titled 'What Does Hive Mean To Me' until after i have done my video. I was only able to answer the question, 'what does HIVE mean to you' in my video. I will be answering the remaining questions in my article below.

    I am a 'legitimate illiterate' and these are the questions i will answer below:

    • What is HIVE to you?
    • What do you want to see HIVE evolve into?
    • What do you think about having a large funded DAO for future HIVE development?
    • What does HIVE mean to you?  

    What Is Hive To Me?

    Hive.blog is a blockchain-based social network platform. Till date, there are only a few of these types of social network platforms in existence, an indication of hive.blog's uniqueness. Being on HIVE thus, is a privilege. You can find me on 'https://hive.blog/@surpassinggoogle'

    Hive.blog is only one of many applications built on the HIVE blockchain. A blockchain is decentralized in nature. Also considered a public ledger, it removes barriers to entry from one very tangible aspect of human life; data. With data comes knowledge and 'knowledge is power'.

    See the HIVE blockchain explorer here!

    What Does Hive Mean To Me?

    Among some of my social activities on HIVE are 'content-creation, content-curation and content-promotion'. These simple-looking activities are tangible towards even the collective evolution of the world. "Content is king" is a popular phrase on mainstream internet. HIVE makes the phrase "content is queen" possible. How so? Well, HIVE stores content on a 'public ledger'. Hosted on random servers across the globe, its 'content' is immutable, permanent and accessible to everyone. Having insight into 'the same information as everyone' is powerful.

    Beyond this, information on HIVE is dynamic in nature. Using a 'proof of brain' model, participants are incentivized to dynamically create content that constitutes a 'reflection of their evolution'. Access to this resulting information is powerful too!

    HIVE manages to incentivize participants to uphold reputation too. Now, when reputable people actively participate in 'proof of brain', content stays dynamic. Unlike 'mainstream internet' where content is static and 'king', HIVE emanates content that is dynamic and 'queen'. A hybrid of static and dynamic content makes information 'whole', balanced and tangible for human evolution.

    In a bid to incessantly prove their brain, while staying reputable, participants of HIVE begin to tap into inner aspects of themselves, exercising other human virtues. Tapping into their spirit and being, they begin emanating deeply-rooted even 'spiritual' information. Now, this is very very very powerful information, when used.

    HIVE constitutes a home for me. Where people rendezvous, i want to rendezvous too. 

    Among others things, HIVE constitutes 'a CCTV into the truest state of the world'. This is a very important breed of information to me, relevant in my pursuit of world adjustment (surpassinggoogle). See meaning of surpassinggoogle here!

    Courtesy of HIVE, i also 'own the bank'. Even if illusionary, this is a valid illusion in my case. 'A wallet capable of transfers, accountability, audits etc' is a bank to me. I own one! This suddenly gives 'money a smaller place in my world and returns value to human'. 

    By virtue of HIVE, i can put my dreams in a sandbox, gain unadulterated feedback from a reputable community and in turn bring my dreams into reality, starting by creating a simple community, then graduate into the development of a DAPP.

    I have a few DAPPS!

    In the near future, where HIVE implements a 'token-creation feature' that enables DAPPs to emit tokens, i can create a token and distribute it using a reward-model that i have evolved. 

    This is what HIVE means to me!

    Powerful stuff!

    What Do You Want To See HIVE Evolve Into?

    This is giant question! 

    Even where HIVE is blockchain-based, i don't expect a flawless blockchain. I see HIVE mostly as a tool, a testimonially valuable tool, when applies towards the 'human evolution'. 

    While it makes use of a 'proof of brain' model, there are other salients aspects of humans that it can mine. Where HIVE is able to ship a token-creation protocol like has been intended with 'Smart Media Tokens', participants can experiment a variety of 'reward model', revealing other beautiful aspects of the HIVE blockchain and of blockchain technology at large. 

    It is very easy for us to replay the dynamics of 'a painted world' (that particular world that stirred the need for blockchain technology) on blockchain all over again. If this continues on, 'blockchain' will never attain that indispensability required for it to be acknowledged in the mainstream. HIVE can transcend this, by taking the harder route, one that targets 'removing barriers'. May 'each location' have a say on HIVE, where nations can now become 'merely locations'. May IP-location no longer hold sway in 'determination of relevance'. Courtesy of the HIVE blockchain, may we further remove these illusionary barriers. May no nation be considered 'developing or third world' on the HIVE blockchain all over again. In the face of stake, may 'human' hold sway still. Beyond just content, may HIVE look to reward 'value'. To give more testimonial essence to the term 'rewards', may HIVE look to reward even past deeds. May HIVE target decentralization to a grander context than 'just another code modeled to predict human behavior in a bid to curb or govern it'. May HIVE incite humans to evolve instead, stirring forth fresh curriculums; curricula away from already existing curriculums; curricula unique to blockchain. May it bear forth innovations unique to blockchain too, unheard-of by the mainstream. May it become more than 'just a reward-distribution tool'. 

    Let's encourage HIVE-born innovations. Let's emanate as many HIVE owners as possible and not owners by virtue of HIVE-stake alone; 'real owners'. Starting small 'e.g with communities', let's work on building each community. Let's collectively enable, propagate, curate, promote each community, ours and those of others, till as many as 'a thousand HIVE communities' have a base of a thousand subscribers (even at face-value that is massive). Let's make more grand use of these small tools; tools that HIVE already has.

    Courtesy of communities giant dreams can be built. Everyone can build a noble dream on HIVE now. Each one can be 'owners' now. Each one can take ownership now, undeterred by 'stake-levels' now because humans are involved now. To these grown HIVE-communities, people can point on their unique domain-URL, one tied to their dreams, to these communities; further decentralizing access to the HIVE blockchain. It is extremely easy to grow HIVE now. Extremely easy but HIVE needs many more 'owners' now and by virtue of 'communities', it can now! 

    We may need to look in this direction now. 

    Most of the code have been done now. It is not entirely about the code now. It is is about exhausting the tools we have now; about establishing the full-blown beauty of even the 'small tools' we have now. It is about looking in this direction too.

    Many project owners aren't coders. Non-programmer project-owners can have entire DAPPs now by virtue of communities. Many more projects can stem forth now. Many more use-cases for the HIVE blockchain are explorable/revealable now. Let's divert some attention there now!

    What Do You Think About Having A Large Funded DAO For Future HIVE development?

    I will not talk on history here. 'History' can become negligible, where the DAO is put to testimonial use.

    The impact of the DAO size (large or small) can become negligible, depending on how the DAO is distributed, what its use produces, the spread of the industries that it targets and 'barriers to entry' (with regards to participation), whether as a proposal-creator or as a voter.

    The DAO can play more testimonial essence where used dynamically. There is still room for evolution and exploration of the DAO as it is, in terms of how it is dispensed and in terms of the parameters guarding its dispensation, things which can be tweaked dynamically even now, with some manual effort or tweaked via code in the future.

    Altogether, HIVE DAO hasn't evolved enough to where it is engaging; to where it incites broader participation. This being the case, dispensation of the 'larger fund' is left in the hands of a few, potentially limiting the extent of its impact.

    Comparing the DAO voting system to the content-vote system, while one system is engaging (dynamic), the other is quite static. Content-vote for instance, has value. A user cares about it a bit more because its potency can deplete/recover. A user thus is incentivized to engage it and maximize it. A return proposal on the other hand, can sit at extremely high heights and stay forgotten. At these heights, proposal creators quit before they even start. Voters retreat too because 'why vote on a proposal that appears to have no chance at succeeding'. This can also mean that 'many potential innovations, projects or initiatives never make it to 'the publication' stage'. 

    Altogether, the HIVE blockchain needs at least, a revelation of many as many unique use-cases as possible, whether these proposals are funded or not and the DAO can be applied directionally to this cause.

    That aside, my point is, 'a large DAO can sit there all the same without being used'. 

    Being a new concept overall, the HIVE DAO and use-cases for it should be explorable; a bigger HIVE fund even moreso. It is big now; should it be static too? Should there be too many barriers to entry or the perception there are? Can there be more dynamism, now that the HIVE fund is larger?

    With a larger HIVE fund, can other parameters be explored, with regards to its dispensation and concensus? Speaking of development, in the presence of a larger HIVE fund, can we now look at the term 'development' in grander context than just 'better code'. Can we now spread 'dispensation' among a larger spectrum of industries? 

    Much of the code development have been done, can we consider the community at large now? Can we fund even smaller projects now; community projects now? Will many more people believe that they have a chance at getting funding now and can we use the DAO to incite participation at least? Will we direct the HIVE fund also towards stirring social growth.

    As reiterated earlier, a very under-utilized aspect of HIVE is 'communities'. People don't need to create entire DAPPS now to contribute intensively to HIVE or to the blockchain industry at large. Right here on HIVE, people can own DAPPS. 

    In eventuality, people are likely to be able to distribute their tokens right on HIVE, using the communities feature. Many more dreams can be built now. Many more HIVE owners can emanate now. Many more unique blockchain-born initiatives can stem forth now? Will this be the case now? Will we allow this to be the case now, in the face of a larger HIVE fund? 

    If we direct focus on 'humans', return value to humans using the beauty blockchain provides us, perhaps that is 'development' too. Perhaps, that can translate into HIVE growth too. There is a lot that can be done with a large fund and not only in terms of code. Decentralization is that grand. I will stop here. 

    Your Boy Terry


    Kindly support my witness 'steemgigs' (#72) on HIVE. You can vote on it here:  https://wallet.hive.blog/~witnesses 

    You can support my cause to 'setup a Macrohard in the Philippines too'. I am 2000 USD away from making it a reality.
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