What Do I Want Of Hive? Can Hive Now Re-look At Itself With Unconventional Eyes?


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    I had seen the question (posed by @nonsowrites) "What Do You Want Out Of Hive?". Upon participating, i ended up answering the question "What Do You Want Of Hive?" inadvertently (or maybe not).

    One can have answered the question ''What Do You Want Out Of Hive?" also in terms of "What Do You Want Of Hive?", similar to how @adetorrent did it in his video here!

    Altogether, i am re-posing @nonsowrites' question slightly and inviting entries for the question "What Do You Want Of Hive?".

    Primarily, i would like to tag those who have answered the question "What Do You Want Out Of Hive?" (e.g @elsiekjay, @nonsowrites
    @josediccus, @markkujantunen), inviting them to the question "What Do You Want Of Hive" for momentum sake.

    I am connecting this initiative to 'theycallmedan's #CommunityAMA Initiative' here.

    This entire celebratory #CommunityAMA endeavor, one of 'inciting people to begin popping the un-popped questions in relation to Hive' is a giant step. Amongst other things, it'll propagate Hive as a 'blockchain of revelation', highlighting one of its under-used use-case.

    It has been 4-years since we have had Hive. It is time that we really talked now. It should be time that we can talk now, relegating reservations. Thus, I undertook my response 'ulogging style'.

    In the short video above, i covered 3 points with regards to Hive that i think can stir timely growth for it. Yes, i answered the question, "What Do I Want Of Hive?".

    At this stage, it is obtainable to expect some things of Hive considering all the breakthrough it has managed to attain in its current state. Hive as it is, is very-very-very beautiful.

    It is time to re-look at Hive!

    This said, I do think that we pay too much focus to 'creating the flawless blockchain'. We have paid too much attention to this aspect of Hive development and we are continuing to pay too much attention to it. ('There is no flawless blockchain, for it will host humans').

    This also affects the 'world of blockchain' at large.

    In the mix, sight is lost of the 'depth in beauty' of Hive, by virtue even of its current code.

    As a result of this imbalanced focus, we have under-utilized Hive.blog too, that that exists of it, in pursuit of the next flawless blockchain code.

    Within this 4-years, we have under-learned too! Wonder how much there is to learn from a public-ledger that is built for 'social', with a 'proof of brain' element that incites humans to incessantly evolve? It is even spiritual!

    There is a lot to learn from the 'proof of brain' layer of Hive, even where the focus is 'development' in terms of 'code'.

    Now, having this imbalanced focus isn't bad but after 4-years, perhaps it is time to re-look at Hive.

    'There is a lot we can do as soon as today, with zero-spend, zero code-iteration, zero-DAPP, right here on Hive, with Hive, that can grow Hive'.

    If you about to doubt this, think thrice!

    Growth-wise; i would like that Hive, shifts some more focus towards "social". Exhaust fully of the tools that exists currently e.g 'Hivemind (communities), Hive's SEO properties, its community etc' in a bid to 'return value to humans'.

    For instance, we have an existing community of 'thousands' but how many "Hive owners" do we have? Or we have "Hivemind" now but how many "flourishing communities" do we have? (According to a legitimate illiterate, 'many answers lie in the first simplest obviousest solutions. Many at times, we jump to the nth complexest solutions first'.)

    Code-wise; i would love Hive to learn from Hive's 'proof the brain' layer. As such, perhaps Hive can begin to enhance the code in its other layers (e.g the governance layer & treasury layer), to where these layers become "social" too, all working in unison, making for a 'powerful social Hive' as must have been intended, considering that Hive is an application-specific blockchain built for 'social media'.

    ("Add some 'English' into 'the Math' and once 'complex Math equations' suddenly become non-equations". "As complex as code can be, this code will host humans".)

    Development-wise; i would love Hive to broaden the scope for "development". Re-direct more focus towards 'social'.

    For instance, Hive's new 'treasury (DAO)' layer; what does "development" mean to it? (Note: same as one viral DAPP or one viral exchange-listing can grow Hive; one viral post, tweet, resteem can bring millions of users and investors to Hive.)

    Quickly speaking of "investment" then, what constitutes 'investment' to Hive?

    Note: from the outset Hive is an application-specific blockchain, built specifically for 'social media'. This unique feature of Hive has been under-used, under-explored, under-promoted. Today, its 'governance' layer, isn't very social yet. Its 'treasury (DAO)' layer isn't very social yet either. Its 'proof of brain' layer however is quite social. There is internal conflict as such, which hampers Hive's defined growth.

    Underlyingly, we need to begin 'moving together', each human. 'Hive' used as tool to remove value from things like 'money, luxury, career, technology (including blockchain) etc' , returning it to 'humans' and Hive will become indispensable even by world-standards for its 'very unconventional properties', for its world-adjusting capabilities, for its tangibility as 'a tool for human evolution'. As a technology, it will attain the ranks of 'great'.

    Blockchain can only find its shine, where the humans that it hosts consciously use it as a tool to find their shine.

    It is time to stem forth 'Hive owners' in the true sense of the word and 'many of them'. It is time to remove some value from things like "stake" and return it to "humans". One simple way of accomplishing this on Hive starting today, is by "collectively growing Hive communities". (This is my own proposal.)

    Speaking of innovation, how much have we revealed so far in terms of 'unique (even unconventional) Hive-born initiatives, projects, Dapps etc'. Looking in, we can incite such innovations today, with 'communities', where we begin to shift our focus a bit more towards "social".

    Re-looking at Hive today, one no longer needs code or have coding-expertise to create a basic DAPP. Hive has managed to remove these barriers from the 'world of innovation', something that the entire internet hasn't managed to do.

    Yes, right on Hive, you can have your own DAPP, one tied directly to your dream as soon as today. 'Stake' aside, there can be many more "Hive owners" now (grand decentralization); many more outlets connected to the Hive blockchain (grand decentralization) too.

    "Hive owners" will buy stake, they will claim accounts, they will care about their communities, they will grow Hive. Let's help cement their 'ownership' though. Let's become a fan today of what they can constitute tomorrow. Let's invest collectively in helping them soar. Let's adjust their mentality, using one of Hive's unconventional properties (a mentality-adjuster) to cement 'the ownership mentality' in the mind's of our current community. Let's help as many as '1,000 Hive communities' reach a base subscriber-count of '1000', that they can soar from there on.

    We have used Hive as a 'reward-distributor' for so long already. Even so, we haven't explored the term 'reward', using the unconventional luxurious capabilities of Hive. Perhaps, it is time to re-look at Hive.

    See an example of a DAPP, building right on Hive:

    Quickly speaking of 'marketing', how many more marketing terminologies have we uncovered for Hive in the past 4-years? Here is one more: "Join Hive to create your DAPP today; zero-code!" (Who knows, we will even help you garner your first 1000 subscribers).

    Perhaps, it is time to re-look at Hive, to really pay attention to it. Perhaps, it is time to play out 'uncoventional paradigms' on it, instead of replaying 'conventional paradigms' all over again on it.

    Now, i wrote a post some days back posed for Steem but it applies to Hive too. In it, i spoke (with testimonies) of how under-used Steem/Hive still is, to highlight just how beautiful it already is.

    While Hive is unconventional, we have looked at it with conventional eyes. It is time to unconventionally re-look at Hive.

    While Hive is unconventional, we have explored it with conventional paradigms. It is time to explore its use unconventionally.

    It has been 4-years!

    One of the uniquest property of Hive is 'its unconventionality'. Let's not limit Hive then, for it could fade like tech(s) before it. May we allow Hive to update more dynamically.

    Where we re-look at Hive now, Hive can attain grand testimonial essence, beautifully disrupting the entire world of tech. ("beautifully disrupting" is not "disrupting")

    Speaking of code before i go, we have played out the popular and conventional paradigm "code is law" on the Hive blockchain once again (in the past 4-years) but this is how a 'legitimate illiterate' puts it below;

    'code is law' isn't exactly for humans.

    On a final note, kindly watch my video above as it contains some additional points that i wasn't able to recount here.


    Your boy Terry, whether bulls or bears.


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    Relegate reservations, ponder, re-look at HIVE.

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