One of the Cheapest NFT Cards, Pelacor Arbalest Performs Perfectly in Battles.


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    Published on Dec 15, 2021
    About :

    Pelacor Arbalest has the Double Strike ability, so he hits enemy monsters twice each round. Thanks to this ability, he can inflict devastating damage to enemy monsters in battles. Pelacor Arbalest can hit with 2 range attacks.

    If you choose General Sloan as the summoner, the Pelacor Arbalest will strike with 3 range attacks. This will allow him to hit enemy monsters with more devastating strike power. General Sloan gives +1 Range Attack to all friendly Monsters.

    I added 4 battles in the video, in which Pelacor Arbalest is also in the team. If you watch the battles in the video, you can see he hit with incredible devastating damage. Sometimes you can see that Pelacor Arbalest can destroy 2 monsters each round. This is truly an incredible power.

    The Pelacor Arbalest NFT card is trading below $1 in the market, I think its price is too low for his ability. The only downside is his low health. The NFT Card gains the ability to Fly when leveled up by 5, meaning some attackers will miss him. Also, at 5 levels, his health increases to 4 and his speed to 3. This will allow him to perform better in battles.

    So I am planning to upgrade this NFT Card by 5 levels. I currently have 2 of these NFT Cards, I need 38 more Pelacor Arbalest NFT Cards to upgrade to 5 levels. Currently it costs around $37 to upgrade to level 5, which I think is not too expensive for a level 5 NFT card. It thinks it is cheaper than many NFT cards, and considering his ability, I think it can be a good investment for the future.

    I would also like to point out that battles are a team game and you need to determine a good strategy to win. That's why you should identify other monsters that will be in harmony with your favorite monsters. With a good strategy, you can make more use of the power of your favorite monsters. In this way, you will be more likely to win battles. If you watch the battles in the video, I identified monsters that would make a good team and adapt together with Pelacor Arbalest. This works very well in many battles and allows me to win many battles.

    If you want to join Splinterlands? Here is my reference link

    Pelacor Arbalest Lore

    Pelacor Arbalests are armed with powerful crossbows enchanted to fire bolts at extremely long distances. They are trained to wield a crossbow in each hand and can fire both simultaneously with deadly accuracy. Compounded with the Pelacor's excellent eyesight and nimble dexterity, these sharpshooters are extremely useful as snipers on the battlefield.
    The Silver Shield Knight backpedaled, parrying blow after blow as the two Venari snarled and swung their swords at him in a savage and ruthless onslaught. He stumbled. Another blow sent him reeling. He fell onto his back.
    The Venari leaped upon him, swords raised. He struggled to lift his own sword, but he couldn't fight them both. He was going to die.
    The feathered shaft of a bolt slammed into center of each Venaris' chest simultaneously. The pair crumpled in a heap, unseeing eyes staring at the sky.
    The Silver Shield Knight squinted into the sun. Above him, a Pelacor Arbalest hovered, his large white wings beating at the air. In each hand, he held an empty crossbow, still aimed at the fallen Venari.

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