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    Published on Aug 09, 2021
    About :

    Hello Gamers !


    Playing some Streets of Rage today. Stage 5 and 6 !


    In this Run i will be using Shiva. This is right now my favorite character. his cheap air combos are extremely easy to land. He got the "dash" ability, which is great for mobility and dodging and an excelent set of special attacks. But what makes me really play him, is the awesome combos you can land mixing air attack, special attack, wall bounces and much more. Sometimes you are able to take like 1/3 of a boss Health with a single combo. Also in online matches 1vs1 you can do 1 hit combo on enemies. Yeah its broken.


    Unlocked this character on the previous stage. Still didn't test him. But looks like he is dash type character with an awesome mobility. I do enjoy playing with caracters with good mobility, makes things much easier. It also unlocked this character training menu. I did it and he actually got some sick combos with charged attacks. Geting an enemy close to a wall with him will make stupid combos possible. My next run will be with this guy.

    Stage 5


    I Love how every game got the "sewers" stage lol. Luckly here i wont be fighting glowing mushrooms or weird bloobs. Still,this stage got one of the most annoying enemies. This game is just like a an action puzzle. You have to memorize what attack each enemy will do. Doing this you will be able to dodge every character in this game. I am not into this hardcore kind of game right now, so i will just play it slowly and enjoy..


    These are one of the most annoying enemies in this game. They will flex their knee, and jump towards you into a kicking combo. You have to use your Neutral special in order to dodge these attacks. But using it consumes life, so you will be pissed as fuck everytime you see them. Trying to dodge with the neutral jump its pretty impossible, so you rather stick with losing some life every time they show up..


    This girls are also annoying as fuck. They will keep jumping and trying to head bounce you. Her damages takes a lot of health, so be carefull facing them. Best strategy here is keep moving up and down until they try to attack, after dodgin it you can grab her and smack her soul out. Sometimes there will be to much enemies on the screen, and these girls will be hard to avoid.


    The Boss in this Stage is this kind of Fred Mercury dude. One of the hardest boss to kill. He will enter "invulnerable mode" every time, and start dashing around the stage hiting everything. Its hard to dodge it, so i end up using neutral special to escape every time. It was a good fight, could land some awesome combos on him.

    Stage 6


    This is by far one of the worst stages in my oppinion. It has a collection of the worst kind of enemies. Some sections there will be so many armed enemies, that you end up geting hit from every possible way. This was the first stage i failed while playing the History mode. This muay Thai Dudes pisses me off to. They can block my attacks and have a stupidly long range air knee move.


    In this stage even the easiest enemies will give you trouble with these little knives. You can barely see they comming with it, and when you gonna hit him, you are screwed. They will later show up with some sick lances, that geting hit by them will pretty much fail the mission. its insane damage.


    This session of the stage is one of the most annoying. Every enemie will be jumping around trying to hit you. This guy is the Muay Thai dude who can block attack. And this ones also have some special fire attacks, i hate them, its almost impossivel to dodge with using health.


    The Boss of this Stage is me. Lol. But some weird spiritual version. He got an illusion special attack that is pretty shit. Beside this his not one of the hardest bosses in this game. In fact he is pretty chill to take down. I enjoy Boss battles in this game, some of them are pretty hard to figure out how to beat it.

    Conclusion and Gameplay

    Now that i have a few more hours of gameplay, i can say this game is all about repetition. You can just have fun like a normal people and beat the stages in the hardest levels you can get. Or you can try to beat the game in maniac mode with full S rank. To do this, you will have to beat the same stage over and over, until you can recall all the single enemies and spots to move. You can't get hit if you want to reach those special S rank. This is insane in my oppinion. This is not a game to platinum, lol. Just have fun alone or along a friend, and forget about the ranks, or you will end up playing like a bot.

    image sources : all images were taken by me ingame.

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