3 Big Mistakes You Shouldn't Do on Hive - A 1 Minute Guide


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    Published on Aug 21, 2020
    About :

    Welcome back to video series - 1 Minute Guides. In this series, I am explaining all the basic terms of Hive and Blockchain within a minute through a video guide. Though this video is more than 1 minute, still I would like to keep this video in my 1-minute series.

    Check out previous video guides - What is Hive Power | What is Hive Dollar | Six Tips and Tricks for New Hivers

    I am uploading all the videos to my @threespeak and YouTube channel. I believe these videos will help onboarding more new people to Hive. I checked YouTube and there aren't many videos on Hive.

    So, why not using this centralized video platform to promote decentralized Hive?

    Feel free to embed my videos to any of your posts. Do you have any suggestions or ideas for my video series? Please ping me on Discord - pitboy#4591

    Summary of Video

    You're a newbie on Hive and you're probably doing lots of mistakes you even don't know! No, don't worry! Nobody is going to ban you here in Hive. Nobody has that authority as it's a decentralized platform. It's not like Facebook or Twitter. Hive blog is a decentralized platform with no governing body.

    But other Hive users may abandon you for using some black hat techniques or just doing wrong things. Or you could be flagged by Hivewatcher and Spamminator for disrupting community rules. And you may get lots of downvotes! So be aware! Don't do the following things -

    1. Don't Spam

    This is what we see a lot in social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
    Lots of spamming comments! Right?

    Some people on Facebook go to every friend's posts and comment the same thing all over - Nice post! Nice Post! Great Post! Great Post!

    As I told you already - This is not like centralized social media. Spamming is prohibited here. Keep the Hive Blog clean.

    2. Don't Copy-Paste

    You can't just copy someone's original work from the internet and paste it to Hive blog.

    That just sounds wrong!

    You can quote some lines or use images from another source, but you must mention it in your blog with source link. You must provide proper attribution to make it right.

    3. Don't Beg for Upvote

    This is an inadequate thing that some newbies do in Hive Blog. You can't just go popular blogger's posts (Who have more Hive Power) and beg for upvote in the comment.

    I love to upvote on original works but I will never upvote your blog if you request me.

    This video is uploaded on Youtube as well -

    Check out my other videos -

    Promotional Video for Hivers to Promote Hive Blog - Click Here

    Hive Promotional Video for Bangladesh - Click Here

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