Starting World-2 and arriving in the desert || Super Mario Bros 3 for Nintendo(NES) || Retro Game.


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    Published on Mar 18, 2021
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    -| Hey, hey, ¿how are you my friends? I hope that you're doing good on your lives. The things changed a lot for Mario, because on this new World 2 i arrived to a desertic zone that is plagued with new types of creatures like some fire balls that attack you and a rare Stone bricks that jump at sight you. I feel with more confident on my skills on this new world 2 and i'm enjoying so much this masterpiece, so, let's start with the adventure, buddys.


    Well the first important thing that we can notice on the start of this World 2, is that the environment has totally changed. Now we are on a desertic zone that have Big pyramids and another style of buildings more propper to a egiptian civilization. But how this is a new environment it have more new dangers than the last world 1.

    On the first stage of this World-2 you will start on a desertic zone that is plagued with many dangerous creatures. The first one you need to be very careful, are the Jumping Bricks that jump at you when they see you, you need to be very carefoul with these jumping bricks, because they mimetize with the regular bricks in a attempt to fool you and make you fall on their trap. So, you were warned, gamer buddy.

    The other creature that surely will make hard your path through this first stage are the moving fire-balls, my advice is that is better that you avoid it and pass of them quickly, the other alternative my friend is that you found a magic star, because with this magic star you can beat any enemy with only give it a touch. The picture from above shows you where it's located the one magic star, buddy.

    Hey look at this location, maybe this zone can be difficult because of the fire-balls trying to catch you, but please don't miss the zone showed by the picture from above, because on this brick there's a extra life magic fungus, that make your things easy on this new stage.

    Ok when you finnish the first stage of the world 2, you will get a magic card that will help you further on your path. Then you need to go to the Toad hut and start to play the game of the fortune. Maybe you'll get more luck than me, LOL.

    Leaving Toad's hut you will arrive to the second stage of the world 2. On this stage you'll continue crossing the deserts, but be very careful, with the quicksands waterfalls because you can fall trapped on the quicksands and the other thing is that on the center of the quicksands waterfalls there're Carnivorous flowers that shoot fire balls at you.

    When you leave the quicksands waterfalls area you will enter on the first water zone that have enemy fishes, be very careful and try the must to not fall from the flying platform that you found on the start of this area. If you fall from the flying platform, then be very carefoul when you start to swim on these waters because they're infested with dangerous fishes.

    Well when you beat this stage you'll obtain a new magic card and can continue with your path.

    See you on the next stage, gamer buddy.

    -This Game it's been emulated on "Jnes" emulator.

    Hope you a very nice day, fellows.

    See u soon :)

    You can follow me at: @paultactico2

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    retro gamer gaming mario games

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