Morals - the justification of violence - Use sparingly - or are you a sadist in denial?


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    Published on May 28, 2021
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    I came across this video last night (yeah, my last hour before sleep is spent
    watching things of a philosospical bent).

    This was only uploaded yesterday - serendipity or what?
    I would't normaly grab a video to post , so soon after being made by another - but this is too
    This is that important to understand.

    This video explains - succinctly - why leftism (or any ism), will never work.

    I would urge everyone to watch this video - it really is that good.
    Here is the briefest of reductions to a 20 odd minute presntation.

    Morals are the jutification of violence.
    Good morals (as opposed to evil ones), are reactive , not proactive.
    Becuase morals are the justiifcation of violence (defending yourself, your property from
    someone iniitiating force against you), you have to very strict in what you call 'moral'.

    Becuase morals are the justification of violence - ANY cause using themoral argument
    (equality for example), is advocating the use of violence to achive those aims.
    This is proactive morlaizing.
    This is justifying the initiaitonof force agianst another.
    This is the way the sadist makes violence legimate. (thus exhonerting the sadist from repercussion).

    If you understand the argument laid out here in the video, - and disagree with the basic premise - are you a sadist ?
    (unconciously or otherise)...Why yes...yes, you are!

    KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid - Is once more shown to be the path to wisdom...

    If you don't understand the premise - ask me, and I'll do my best to clarify.
    There is very little wiggle room inthis argument .

    This is why leftism (or any ideological ism) - will never work....If you adhere to
    the fundamental moral prinicples.
    The right to defend yourself or your property ( stopping theft).

    Reactive morals are for the sane.
    Proactive moralizations are for stupid - and the sadist...Which are you?
    Act accordingly.

    ....and watch the bloody video!

    It's interesting, becuase while Molyneux has encapsulated the issue perefectly,
    this was the precise thought going around my head at this time - the moral question.
    The fact he could clarify the argument so well, is testament to his superior IQ over mine.
    I love being shown things by cleverer people than myself.
    Funny how truly stupid and insecure people, detest that very same thing.

    Not only does this video split the wheat from the chaff - it's also given
    me the clarity of thought to scratch another itch concerning DPOS.

    That's seperate post all by itself - There's no where to hide - not any longer....
    Justify your sadistic tendencies if you like - the world will see by your actions, who and what you are.

    Truth is great - for those interested in initiating Evil.
    Evil is shite, boring, and needs quashing at every opportunity.
    That is everyone's responsibility....If you do not have the fortitude to stand up to evil yourself - lend all the support you can to those of us who do.
    It MATTERS what you do.
    This is real life.
    If you're good person - it matters that you support others.
    Evil supports itself quite willingly - the good people of the world must do the same.

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    proofofbrain threespeak new philosophy informationwar

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