My first Hive birthday | Playing a song in the garden (while mosquitos were biting me haha)


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    Published on Oct 17, 2022
    About :

    **Happy Monday Hive friends! **

    It’s my 1st birthday on Hive! How lovely Hive sent me a birthday cake haha. My actual birthday was last month and I didn’t even get a cake. Hive is so sweet!

    As I’m still learning and waiting to take a new online job so I can move back to Da Nang as soon as I can, I’m still sticking around the countryside with my parents for a while. There are lots of mosquitos around here and it’s pretty restless, but I’m getting used to it. My favorite corner is the little garden (with lots of mosquitos as well lol) – but I can sit there and feel like I breathe differently! Nature really brings some magic!

    Today’s song is the theme song of a famous Vietnamese movie. I thought of it when I sat out there, my head was buzzing but the little moments of feeling the green grass around me, the wind, and the flowers… just made me feel emotional and at ease.

    1st on Hive – what do I love most about it here?

    1. A big supportive community
      Nowhere have I been to support users as much as Hive – and the value/contribution you bring to the community is always recognized greatly and kindly
    2. Connecting people with the same passion from everywhere in the world
      Before I got here, I mostly played music live. Being here really extended my skills of recording, making videos, taking photos, and writing… - you learn skills, you improve your skills, you show your skills, you contribute, you get better, you get more recognized, you feel happier, you want to give more… That’s is the cycle that Hive gave me and I guess many of you too!
    3. No mention of the money – when the Hive price drops, the consistency in writing and creating content here is really something I admire from others, and am also proud of myself. The joy, the commitment of creating something every day/regularly feels really satisfying and incredibly happy!
    4. Updating the scene on the world in different aspects: travel, photography, lifestyle, hobbies, food, and so on
    5. Learn about crypto – this is huge! I had no idea what crypto was before joined Hive haha
      I can’t count enough how much I have learned from Hive and how many new cool things I have seen here, how much Hive pushed me to do more, get better at things, be a cooler Hive citizen, how many cool friends I have met, and some just became my big motivation – like trangbaby – a dedicated mem ber of HiveViet Nam.

    Thank you @trangbaby for your support lately, and thank you Tim @jacuzzi for bringing me here (will see you soon in Da Nang again)
    Thank you to all my friends here and the moments we have shared, let’s keep shining!

    Little Beatle ♫

    Tôi thấy hoa vàng trên cỏ xanh/ I see yellow flowers on green grass

    I see lovely memories
    I see how they visit me
    And my soul is like a cloud
    Slowly fading out...

    I see the rainbow in the sky
    Bringing colors down to play
    Seems so close but way too far
    Our youth is just like a cloud...

    Way back to home no longer holds me back
    There was my yesterday
    Turn and you'll see when all the storms will pass
    Yellow flower on the grass
    Feeling calm like a summer breeze...

    Tôi thấy lặng lẽ vương sau hè
    Tôi thấy ngày ấy tìm đến đây
    Tôi thấy thanh thản như mây trời
    Dần dần cứ xa rời tôi
    Tôi thấy hạnh phúc bên kia đồi
    Tôi thấy bình yên nào ghé chơi
    Cần lắm, gần lắm, sao vời vợi
    Tuổi thanh xuân cũng như mây trời
    Lối về quanh co chẳng níu bước chân tôi về
    Có còn hôm qua ở đó
    Hết ngày âu lo rồi mong mãi hôm nay về
    Thấy hoa vàng ở trên cỏ xanh
    Thấy yên bình giấc mơ trong lành...

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    appreciator ocd music guitar hivebirthday

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