Ex-military intelligence revelations regarding the NWO control of our planet - pt2


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    Published on Sep 15, 2020
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    In this second audio clip which I took at the meeting with our ex-military intelligence air force soldier, we hear more revelations of how the NWO are controlling the government ministers of most nations, particularly my own here in sunny South Africa. They are sold out to the real controllers on the planet, and have to simply do the bidding of the global elites, who are basically a mafia organization but on the topmost level.

    Both sides of the political divide are puppets and the masters are pulling the strings of both or all parties involved. The ministers in government are merely the visible faces we see, but they are only able to rubber-stamp whatever the NWO tell them to do. There is very little freedom.

    Interestingly Dez goes on to state that his wife Lauren – in her professional capacity – has met with ambassadors of some nations. She has attended meetings with them, and she tells of how they are implementing the NWO agendas. These agendas are already in place in our nations.

    For example, the UN Agenda21, is the United Nations agenda for the 21st century, for the next 100 years. And Agenda 2030 is the actual kick off or launch point for the implementation of the full global NWO one world government.

    There are certain things that have to be in place by that time so that they can implement the next level by 2050. They even talk about 2063, and the speaker asks why do they have plans that stretch so far out? And why does Elon Musk – a South African born USA/Canada citizen now – talk about leaving this planet by 2030? That is the timeline for the manned Mars project.

    This particular clip is a short one, out of about 10 that I recorded from a talk that went on for about 4 hours. So there is a huge amount of information from this well-informed ex-military intelligence veteran of the South African air force. The NWO agenda to remake the world in this decade is the focal concern because it involves enslaving us even more, removing our freedoms, and indoctrinating our children into evil ways.

    I will post another audio clip shortly but here in this one you can hear that Dez is passionate about exposing the cabal that run our world and our governments. He is very well informed and up to date. And in coming audio clips you will hear the South African side of it, including Nelson Mandela and his ruling political party, all engineered as NWO puppets.

    It can be a bit of a wet blanket when you hear how no one or nothing is what it seems. Neither can anyone be trusted, especially not MSM mainstream media news sources. The wool has been pulled over our eyes all this time, and we are being manipulated and abused it seems, by an elite agenda which is about to get orders of magnitude worse in this decade. Please inform yourself and become educated as to what is really going on here. Our future depends on it.

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