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    Published on Sep 01, 2021
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    As I have repeatedly shared here at Hive, Joy is a dog that we were passing through for a week. During your stay in our home, make two preparations that you register to share with you by this means.

    The first thing I did were some cubes of chlorophyll.



    The chia is allowed to soak for 2 hours, it is left in the freezer until the cubes begin to freeze, not being frozen at all. In a separate container spinach and celery are blended and this is poured into the cooler where we have the chiae, let it freeze completely and that's it!

    There are some dogs that like cold preparations, this is not the case with Joy, so what I did was mix it together with their daily preparations and that is how I enjoyed it

    Some benefits of chlorophyll in dogs:

    🐾Helps purify the body's cells and fight infections
    🐾Nourishes and strengthens the intestinal circulatory systems
    🐾 Helps improve digestion
    🐾 powerful anticancer, decreases the ability of carcinogens to bind to the DNA of the liver and other organs.
    🐾Accelerates wound healing, increases oxygen utilization and is a great antioxidant

    Chlorophyll is a green pigment found in most plants and algae, responsible for much of photosynthesis, which allows plants to absorb energy from light. It shares a molecular structure almost identical to that of hemoglobin (responsible for delivering oxygen to the cells and organs of the body), which is why chlorophyll increases the use of oxygen in the blood.


    On the other hand, chia is a very good source of protein, the protein has as essential functions the renewal of all the tissues of the organism, in addition, proteins intervene in all the physiological processes of the organism from the transport of nutrients to hormonal secretions

    It has a very high supply of omega 3 that help keep skin and hair healthy; Among other benefits are, it has a large amount of antioxidants 3 times more than blueberries, these antioxidants help delay cellular aging, it has 5 times more calcium than milk, 3 times more iron than spinach, 2 times more amount of fiber than oats, 2 times the amount of vegetable protein of any vegetable and 2 times more potassium than bananas.


    The second thing I did was a soap for him 🐕


    100 gr vegetable glycerin
    3gr coconut oil
    3gr Argan oil
    Infusion of chamomile, rosemary, mint

    The step by step of the preparation can be seen in the video.

    Rosemary water is used as one of the most popular home remedies against fleas, although it can also help control the presence of lice or scabies mites, as long as it is not a very serious infestation.

    Rosemary has camphor, an analgesic and slightly antiseptic chemical substance, which helps to disinfect bites and small wounds caused by scratching, as well as to alleviate the discomfort that the dog may feel. We also highlight that rosemary water has antimicrobial properties, which help control the growth of fungi, bacteria and parasites in general.

    We must bear in mind that this does not replace the pertinent visit to the vet.


    Chamomile helps soothe inflammation and redness of the skin, for example in flea bite dermatitis or skin irritation from other scratching causes. However, it is important to consult your vet to find out the definitive diagnosis.

    Rosemary helps reduce inflammation and disinfect.

    Argan oil is a powerful natural moisturizer that will penetrate deep into your dog's skin and soothe dry, sensitive skin. Likewise, coconut oil for the skin of dogs is ideal to keep it in good condition, hydrated, regenerated and nourished and to prevent the appearance of problems and diseases thereof.


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