Lobb Takes On Quix in Equalizer Ruleset


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    Published on May 14, 2023
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    I can't help but question the use of mana allocated to us by my opponent. In addition to the summoner and the monsters, it cost my opponent 14 mana for the lineup out of the 25 mana that was allocated to us.

    As for me, I used up the 25 mana to make sure the most important cards that could potentially win me the battle are in my lineup.

    It was a bit of a strange lineup from my opponent but one with a less opposing fight that won me the fight.

    The initial health of all monsters is equal to that of the monsters on either team with the highest base team.

    The Equalizer ruleset is not my favorite but certainly not a ruleset I dislike.

    The Summoners

    Opponent's SummonerElementAbility
    QUIX THE DEVIOUSDragon-1 Range/Speed
    My SummonerElementAbility
    LOBB LOWLANDEarth-1 Speed/Gladiator


    Battle Ruleset
    Fog of War


    It is often a challenge for me to rightly place QUORA, so it is not eliminated when I am banking on it to win the fight for me. So QUORA stands to benefit from FUNGUS FLINGER's Martyr ability in the first place in my lineup.


    Before stepping into the frontline I wanted QUORA TOWERSHEAD'S magic and melee attacks enhanced through the Martyr ability from FUNGUS FLINGER and to make it tougher for my opponent, I used a Resurrect ability card which we shall get to shortly.

    QUORA went on to dominate the fight with the Heal and Bloodlust ability. The longer QUORA stays on the battlefield she becomes deadlier and that was the outcome of this battle.


    SPIRIT DRUID GROG occupies the third spot in my lineup with the Resurrect ability, the goal of having SPIRIT DRUID GROG in the lineup is to ensure QUORA enjoys a double Martyr boost. DRUID GROG did a great job.


    Should QUORA not make it FUNGUS FIEND is positioned in the fourth spot in the lineup to step into the frontline. It turned out two of my monsters were spectators in the fight, FUNGUS FIEND was one of them.


    Another spectator in the fight was MYCELIC MORPHOID in the backline, being a For of War ruleset, there aren't going to be attacks on the backline, I suppose the natural habit of keeping my backline defended made me place MYCELIC MORPHOID in the backline.

    So I emerged victorious over an opponent that was mana-spending shy.

    Battle Link

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