Pfizer Criminal History & YouTube Censorship: Absurdity of Big Tech ‘Medical Misinformation’ Guidelines


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    Published on Mar 26, 2021
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    Unsurprisingly, my in recent depth video report on the current vaccination campaign was promptly censored from the Big Tech platform, YouTube, for allegedly violating its ‘medical misinformation’ guidelines.

    In this video I give a brief overview of the censored content, again expose Pfizer’s long criminal history, and spend the bulk of my time here going through and breaking down YouTube’s guidelines, demonstrating how impossible it is to objectively report the news, even from mainstream sources and quoting the ‘experts’ themselves, without being in violation of these absurd censorship guidelines or at least risking being perceived by the technocrats as doing so. They literally do not allow you to report on facts stated by the likes of Dr. Fauci when those facts don’t line up with the guidelines, it would seem, such as the fact that ‘Covid19’ vaccines admittedly can cause allergic reactions, namely, anaphylactic shock, and that shock can and does kill some vaccine recipients, such as the 27 y/o nurse in Georgia I reported on, so maybe that’s what got the video pulled, since yet are not allowed to claim that any vaccine kills anyone. Even though the experts agree they cause allergic reactions that in some cases kill people, I suppose we should word this to blame the allergic reaction and not the vaccine for such deaths, despite the vaccine responsible for causing the allergic reactions causing the deaths!?! Or are we just not allowed to report on the allergic reactions that lead to death, and only the ones where the patients recover? Such is the absurdity of these ridiculous, and often quite vague, I might add, so-called guidelines. It seems to me, however, they are not designed to act as guidelines for content, but rather a free license for anything deemed unwanted to be censored.

    Aimed at driving people to alternative platforms including 3Speak, I uploaded this video to my backup YouTube channel, as the latest censorship of my last video earned me a strike, meaning I cannot upload there for a week. We’ll see if this one lasts, as anyone who watches it will see, I made a point to clarify that I was not making any of the claims I referenced as being prohibited claims, deemed ‘medical misinformation’. The strike followed a warning on a video from all the way back in December, which I just appealed and it was to my surprise reinstated, but of course YouTube didn’t turn this latest removal from a strike to a warning as one would think they should, as strikes can only be issued following a warning, and the video warning is now gone, and their reinstatement of that video proves the warning and related censorship was doled out in error (either that, or because the issue is no longer a ‘hot button’ issue, they no longer care about censorship of the content). In any event, this is why big tech social media is becoming increasingly irrelevant, because nobody can find any of the info they seek anymore, except for the good little obedient covid cult slaves.

    Thankfully there are alternatives like 3Speak now which I am utilizing, and I only continue to post on YT in hopes of reaching more people, and if any of you have YouTube accounts, feel free to visit this video and like or share, as it was made with the intention of driving interested people to the content YouTube doesn’t want anyone talking about here on 3Speak and over at BitChute, but being backup channel only has 17 subscribers so probably won’t get much in the way of views without some help unless the algorithms decide to smile on this one :)

    We’ll see if this one stays up, as I know they aren’t particularly fond of allowing videos that criticize their censorship policies either, even though they have no specific guideline prohibiting such criticism or discussion.

    It’s impossible to know why I was censored, due to the ambiguity of their guidelines, and I can only theorize, that it was possibly for reporting on the Norwegian experts who found what they claim is conclusive evidence the AstraZeneca injection caused the rare blood clots in recipients that caused one death in that country, or possibly because a user left a friendly comment under the video, simply stating “covid denial,” ironically in a video I did not once deny covid in any way, shape or form whatsoever! Or it was censored for any other number of likely reasons, or no reason at all other than the fact it didn’t come from an establishment viewpoint of things, but regardless, big tech users are left to guess as to why they are being censored, knowing only that it is because they said something YouTube didn’t like, or something a user who flagged the video didn’t like, with absolutely no way of ever knowing specifically why it was in supposed ‘violation’. This is not the behavior of a company that is setting clear guidelines so users will know what is and isn’t allowed, this is tyrannical war on free speech and dissent, and nothing else. They don’t even have the decency to point to which of the dozen or more specific guidelines that fall under the heading of ‘medical misinformation’, leaving you to guess from what may amount to dozens of things you said as to which particular statement or statements were ‘violations’ and which ones weren’t. No time stamps on the video for you to get look, so you could actually correct your style of content creation to avoid future violations. If they actually wanted users to ‘correct’ their ‘wrong’ behavior, they would make things clear like this, but as it is they don’t care about anything but serving their Big Tech masters. It should also be noted that this video in question was censored less than an hour after posting, and was 1 hr, 45 min. Long, meaning no one could have even watched it all, leading me to believe it had little to do with the content and much to do with the video description and the incorrect comment calling it out as ‘covid denial’.

    In some cases, even the mainstream news reports things that contradict YouTube guidelines, but for some reason they never seem to lose their accounts over it, while independent channels are being purged left and right (Last American Vagabond was fully de-platformed for the second time recently, this time permanently, with any videos streamed through other channels also being promptly removed, at least most of them - evidence of targeting users, not specific content). All the more reason to ditch big tech social media altogether, but how to convince the thousands of folks still using those services who are looking for alternative views and suppressed independent news?

    In the meantime I’m working on more content as there continues to be a steady stream of news coming out that is further and further dismantling this illusion being used to drive the world into global tyranny, and if nowhere else it will remain on the blockchain and on BitChute, so we can be thankful for alternatives to keep free speech and independent reporting alive, at least for now...

    Their censorship and propaganda campaigns screams defeat and a slowly dying establishment narrative, let us hope our diligent efforts to dismantle the illusion are able to do so before it becomes too late.

    Censored video on 3Speak & BitChute, along with link to companion post with comprehensive list of links documenting all the information I referenced in that report (and more!) can be found here:

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