The Truth About Free Energy - The Forbidden Technology of Nicola Tesla


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    Published on Jul 31, 2021
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    Nikola Tesla called it the ‘infinite ocean of energy’. It is known in modern science as the ‘zero point energy field’. It exists everywhere in the space all around us, and is capable of supplying the entire world with a virtually free, totally unlimited and entirely pollution-free source of energy.

    If you are unfamiliar with this amazing Tesla discovery that has since been verified, and its absolutely revolutionary world-changing potential, then this short video compilation featuring Dr. Steven Greer I put together is an absolute MUST SEE!

    The video features a short speech by Dr. Greer explaining how this energy works and why it is the most highly suppressed technology in modern history, as well as a few short clips from the documentary Thrive, in which additional evidence of the existence of this technology is provided.

    According to a high-level insider speaking to Dr. Greer, the technology tapping into this energy field indeed does already exist, but if he were to make it public, he said, he and his entire family would be murdered the same day. The only thing stopping the release of this paradigm-shattering, world-saving technology is the elite 1% of the 1% - essentially the international bankers and Big Energy.

    According to Dr. Greer who has dedicated his life to working towards world peace and justice through exposure of this and other highly suppressed discoveries (namely UFOS). According to Greer, every single cubic centimeter of space in our world contains enough energy to run at least the entire US for an entire day!

    Obviously, such knowledge and associated technology - quantum vacuum energy generation systems - is a massive threat to the oil and energy sector stranglehold on world economics, and to the western military industrial complex colonialist iron grip on the Third World. Apart from the cost of developing the initial technology, the cost of supplying endless pollution-free energy to the entire world would be zilch.

    This would solve so many of the urgent problems facing the earth and humanity and by doing so has the capability to quite literally save the world. The entire world could finally have equal access to free energy, solving the problem of getting much-needed power to the entire Third World for a price that can truly be afforded. Bringing an end to so much poverty and economic inequality created by the current greed of and disparity created by western imperialism and crony-capitalist colonialist economic exploitation of the Third World. Ending the endless wars being fought over oil and the petrodollar economic order’s stranglehold over the entire world. Escaping energy dependence on dangerous nuclear-power and avoiding any future Fukushima-style breakdown events, the end of nuclear power also bringing an end to creation of the deadly and non-disposable depleted uranium. Ending the insane amount of pollution being pumped out by oil-burning engines and coal power plants all over the world, that is quite literally slowly killing the entire planet, and if something is not changed eventually bringing an end to all life on it.

    Sounds like a pretty good deal, for 99.9% of the population. Too bad the remaining tiny minority of elitists are not only so greedy that they will do anything to perpetuate their current unsustainable economic order causing needless death and suffering to countless fellow humans, but also currently have the power to maintain that control over the entire planet and all of humanity.

    According to Dr. Greer, this technology and the existence of extraterrestrial life visiting earth are intrinsically linked. Not only do the UFOs that have been well documented over the years allegedly use this very technology, but those beings allegedly visiting the earth also want to share it with us to bring peace, equality, and sustainable energy to the planet and humanity. This is likely the underlying reason behind the suppression of UFO discoveries over the years from the top levels of the government down, rather than their mere existence.

    I am no UFO-researcher and have never been all that interested in the subject nor held any firm views one way or another on the subject, but was curious to read the book ‘Montana UFOs’ given to me by an acquaintance some months ago. I was most intrigued by the stories of two different people who claim to have personally both visited with extraterrestrials and even boarded their aircraft in Montana.

    What I found most interesting was that in both cases, these visiting beings, according to the witnesses, are both peaceful and also wish to help and share knowledge with humanity that would help us tremendously, but that humans must be receptive, and that government corruption is one of the root causes of human suffering on earth. It seems that if any of this is real, this knowledge would certainly include that of the technology spoken of by Dr. Greer which alone would seemingly go further than any other technology imaginable to create a better future for our world.

    It amazes me that despite the level of communication and information-sharing among people, that the bankers and their puppets controlling the world through government classification of information and control of the media have kept this knowledge from the general public so well for so long. I agree with Dr. Greer that it is time for this information and technology to be made public, and it is up to the public to become aware of this amazing energy secret and to share that knowledge far and wide.

    The greedy oligarchs raping the earth and enslaving humanity certainly aren’t going to ever do something so beneficial for the world, and yet I believe the time for such a radical change in the world has finally come. Such changes must come and destroy the current power structure run by the elite, before the greed of these elite psychopaths destroy all of humanity in their sociopathic quest for total domination.

    More info at Dr. Greer’s website and his YouTube channel linked below:

    Additional history and discussion in the Thrive documentary - Thrive: What On Earth Will It Take? - full documentary embedded here for viewing:

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