The helical model - our Galaxy is a vortex & Plasma is the Blood of the Universe


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    Published on Nov 27, 2021
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    The Polar Configuration of Earth, Mars, Venus & Saturn See what our Ancestors were trying to tell us on rocks & cave art... Plasma Discharge Petroglyphs Explained - The Polar Configuration of Earth, Mars, Venus & Saturn... (5 Min. Preview)

    Ev Cochrane: Polar Configuration - Eye in the Sky | Thunderbolts

    Second of a special four-episode arc to explore certain unique aspects of the Polar Configuration.

    Plasma Discharge Petroglyphs Explained

    Electric Universe Theory and Plasma Reactors currently in operation in DC

    Stuart Talbott: Predictions of Thornhill and the EU Model | Thunderbolts

    Space discovery has served as the ideal testing ground for the theoretical predictions of Wal Thornhill and the Electric Universe Model, as well as the discipline of plasma cosmology. These predictions become more powerful when juxtaposed against failed predictions and endless surprises of the gravity-centric Standard Model.

    Independent researcher, Stuart Talbott, details multiple Thornhill predictions such as elucidating Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, the plumes on its moon Io, Saturn's hexagonal polar hot spots—and his forecast on NASA's Deep Impact mission where an energetic electrical 'flash' would precede immediately before a copper projectile slammed into the nucleus of comet Temple One—shocking mainstream science on the Fourth of July in 2005.

    Symbols of an Alien Sky, Episode 2: The Lightning Scarred Planet Mars

    Year by year the evidence for global electric scarring of Mars continues to grow. Bringing the facts to public attention will be among our highest priorities in coming months. Note: all of the Mars imagery involves actual maps from Google Mars.
    In Symbols of an Alien Sky, Episode 2: The Lightning Scarred Planet Mars, David Talbott takes the viewer on an odyssey across the surface of Mars. Exploring feature after feature of the planet, he finds that only electric arcs could produce the observed patterns. The high resolution images reveal massive channels and gouges, great mounds, and crater chains, none finding an explanation in traditional geology but all matching the scars from electric discharge experiments in the laboratory.
    As a scientific follow-up to Symbols of an Alien Sky, this documentary provides a definitive answer to the question: was Mars carved from pole to pole by intense interplanetary discharge?
    Errata: The volume of Valles Marineris is estimated by the USGS (2002) to be .92 million cubic miles (3.86 million cubic kilometers).

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    helical vortex plasma cosmology

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