DApps Founders Introduce DBuzz & Reveals Plans During First Archway Meetup in the Philippines


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    Published on Dec 17, 2023
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    During the first Archway Meetup in the Philippines, DBuzz co-founder Nathan Senn (@nathansenn) introduced DBuzz. At the same time, Chris Rice, DBuzz founder, revealed future plans for the decentralized microblogging application and shared some insights about the Web3 space in the country.

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    Nathan Senn's Impressive DBuzz Presentation

    Nathan Senn introduced the groundbreaking decentralized social media platform DBuzz, built in the Hive ecosystem, in a well-attended Archway meetup event held in Davao City on December 9, 2023.

    The short, impressive, and engaging speech of Nathan Senn highlighted how DBuzz merges the familiar aspects of platforms like Twitter and Facebook with the innovative features of blockchain technology, giving birth to the first decentralized micro-blogging app built on Hive.

    The veteran blockchain developer emphasized the platform's potential for transparency and user empowerment, earning some votes and cryptocurrency by using innovative social media.

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    Interesting Query About Archway

    During a key session at the Archway Meetup, Chris Rice (@chrisrice), known for his insightful queries in the tech community, raised an important question. He sought to understand the primary use case of Archway, a query that sparked interest among the attendees.

    Ruben Lacumba (@rubzcomms), the founder of Davao DeFi Community (@davaodeficom) and a leading figure in the Archway presentation, addressed Rice's question. He explained that the cornerstone of Archway's functionality is its Decentralized Exchange (DEX). This feature, Lacumba emphasized, is pivotal for enabling secure and accessible management of funds within the platform.

    Lacumba's explanation highlighted the platform's commitment to enhancing the decentralized finance landscape. His response resonated with the audience, shedding light on the innovative aspects of Archway.

    Intrigued by this, Chris Rice expressed his interest in a potential collaboration. He saw an opportunity for integrating DBuzz, the first decentralized social media platform operating on the Hive blockchain, with Archway. Rice suggested a synergistic fusion, leveraging Archway's DEX capabilities to expand and enhance the user experience on DBuzz.

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    First Archway Meetup in the Philippines

    The Archway Meetup in Davao City is the inaugural meetup for the ecosystem in the Philippines as they plan to expand their reach in the Philippines and neighboring Southeast Asian countries.

    Davao-based crypto community organizers, Davao DeFi Community (DDC) and NFT Davao (@nftdavao.org), headed by Churchill Brizuela (@chillrender) and Rod Albores (@rodrunnerph), initiated the event by inviting some of the most prominent names in the crypto industry within Davao City and nearby provinces.

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    Hive, DBuzz & Retzark Well-Represented in the Meetup

    The Hive Team from Davao City, composed of Chris Rice, Nathan Senn, Valkangel (@valkangel), Emafe (@emafe), Peche Mondido (@mayche), and Ed Umbao (@philnews.xyz) graced the event and made an impressive presentation. The team was also interested in creating buzz about the highly anticipated launch of the Hive-based card game Retzark.

    Retzark is an extraordinary card game that stands out in the gaming world due to its unique blend of innovative gameplay and visually stunning artistry.

    Each card in Retzark (@retzark) is a masterpiece in its own right, featuring artwork that is not only strikingly original but also meticulously crafted to immerse players in its fantastical world. These aren't just illustrations; they are vivid, imaginative creations that tell stories, evoke emotions, and bring the game's rich lore to life.

    The gameplay of Retzark is as captivating as its visuals. It breaks new ground with mechanics that are intuitive for beginners and deeply strategic for seasoned players.


    DBuzz is...

    A censorship-resistant short-form microblogging platform that empowers you to share your thoughts in 280 characters or less.

    Censorship-resistant and built for the online community.


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