Emotions, Pain, and Hope || The fight for our soul


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    Published on Jun 26, 2022
    About :

    The Beginning

    Who am I? What am I doing here?, what is my purpose?.
    Lost, we always ask ourselves a lot of this questions. We search the earth looking for answers. Trying to discover ourselves, trying to discover why we were made to roam the earth. We're ready to give our all for a revelation one that would change how we see ourselves.

    But then we forget too soon because the world is full of so many trials. We lose all hope, we cry, pain fills our hearts, depression eats through our soul, loneliness, poverty and anger is all there is. That empty void in our soul needs to be filled, but by what?, by who?


    Like a thief in the night, darkness comes along, wearing the finest of things and bringing the best of things, money, riches, drinks and happiness ( so we think). Without even knowing it, we dance with the devil and it feels really great. That emptiness is filled up, it is filled with all the darkness. Imagine, an empty hole filled so much darkness, that's the perfect camouflage.

    We're drowned in this new feeling, it feels great. We can feel our heart race with so much joy, this is exactly what we were looking for. "Why didn't you come sooner", we ask and darkness just smiles at us and leads us into more Darkness, addiction, hate, theft, greed, deceit and lies. We keep dancing till we're convinced that this is the right path and he leads us away. But....


    Then we feel something, a slight touch, a little spark that keeps us questioning. That feeling comes back but not entirely, there's still something missing. Every inch of our body, our soul starts to question the part of darkness. Could they be any path better that this path?, Obviously I've felt it before?

    Just by the side, light is waiting, not at the end of the tunnel but right there in our hearts. Waiting for us to say the word and let it into that hole that needs filling, that emptiness in our soul that leaves us with so many questions, questions that cannot be answered, atleast so we think.

    The fight for our Soul

    Sin demands justice for our soul, darkness claims ownership and tries to take us by force. There with it comes fear, one so great that it'll leave us tremble on the floor with tears running down our cheeks. "What have we become?", What are we now?, Is this the purpose who sought to discover?

    We become slaves to pain, depression becomes our best friend and the thought of suicide might be just the best of thoughts. It keeps whispering to us slowly at first, end, end it, EnD it, END IT!, END YOUR SOUL!!! and then loudly. Most times we go ahead and hold the knife and look at the ceiling, in complete darkness and just then.....

    Something takes us to that moment we felt that little touch, that little spark of light and recharged our soul and at that moment, we throw the knife away and darkness comes at us with everything, threatening to tear us into pieces. But there is light at the end of the tunnel, light strong enough to light up the dark and light up every part of our soul.

    It becomes a battle, one that our will controls, the will to go on living, the will to do good and become better, the will to repair this destroyed world, the will to know Him. That will strengthens light and the battle rages for hours, days, weeks, months and sometimes years untill the scale is moved in the favour of light and light eventually wins and fills up that whole with so much light. Hope, love, faith, and real happiness is restored.

    Then we do one more dance with light, it's a painful dance but one that'll repair our broken soul, one that'll bring back all our senses and make us whole again. One that would eliminate all the questions and leave us looking up to Him, that dance is everything we've always wanted and that dance resonates that light to the people around us, our friends, our family, our neighbors, colleagues, enemies and people we don't even know. That light, the Light of God shines forever more in our hearts.

    This piece is an original piece done by me (on white) and my crew (Transverse). I thought to share it with you today, and I hope it speaks to you in one way or the other, because no matter your struggles, you'll be okay and your soul, that emptiness will be filled up with light.

    Thank you for watching and have a wonderful Sunday

    Thank you for reading this, if you enjoyed it or it connected to you in a way, I invite you to drop a comment I'll be glad to reply❤️

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