Enjoying Coffee in the Swamps


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    Published on Sep 17, 2021
    About :

    This video is my own, with the location in Kutablang Aceh in a very large swamp. The swamps are already a tourist attraction. I also use my own music. Every one of my content is original without plagiarism

    "Hi my friends in the Cinnamon Cup Coffee Community? How are you, have a nice day in a cup of coffee😆"


    How do you see a coffee business opportunity, open a coffee shop, does it have to be in the city?

    These days, many places are used as places to enjoy coffee in the city, while in tourist locations we rarely find real coffee, or filter coffee or some kind of espresso, and other black coffees. They only sell practical sachet coffee, and in my opinion sachet coffee is unsatisfactory and not suitable for seeking inspiration. While coffee that is brewed directly with charcoal will feel more pronounced on the tongue and is perfect for drinking together.

    Today, I forgot to enjoy coffee at the stall table. I tend to enjoy my coffee in a different place. I see all people enjoy coffee, from the lower class to the jetset. Even the farmers are very happy when they sip coffee in the fields after plowing the land. Not infrequently, the fishermen bring coffee in plastic wrap and sip it on the boat. That's something really awesome for coffee.




    Almost in every corner of the city coffee shops grow like mushrooms in the rainy season. However, the place is only used as a crowd space, while to get more sensation from coffee which is rarely obtained. Drinks that replace calories in the body, not only can relieve stress, but can also be used for health growth.

    Coffee also generate creativity when coffee has spread in the body, and makes relaxation in the body increase. Substances contained in coffee beans will blend with organic chemicals that are processed by the body. The result of the reaction of the two will be assimilated and become an addictive substance that gives the effect of pain turning into a sense of comfort.

    People will really need relaxation, both mind and energy such as hormones produced by the body can be neutralized by drinking coffee. A little sense of comfort will be obtained after drinking coffee. The relationship that is more quickly obtained is between coffee and place.

    The interaction of the two strongly supports the influence of nature where coffee comes from very natural soil and air. So, to develop a coffee shop business, places far from the city, such as swamps, beaches are very suitable places to profit from coffee.

    In my video you can see this swamp object? The expanse and beautiful scenery, as well as a gust of wind from the foot of the hill are good prospects and potential for selling coffee.

    Here you can even install internet, and facilitate them with coffee. I'm sure a place like this will make you rich with coffee water. People will visit and feel at home in your shop. Why should it be in the corner of the city?



    > Coffee is a drink of friendship. All stories are poured in a cup of coffee, mixed with joy and sorrow, brewed with emotional water, sipped with an appointment ~Afridany

    Here we are that day, when the sun begins to fall towards the west. I took a friend to enjoy coffee and not in a coffee shop, but in a swamp that has a classic ancient mystery legend in PayaNi. It is located in Kutablang Bireung.

    There is coffee, there is a story. All stories will begin when the meeting is established, and the story will be very flowing when the coffee starts to be sipped.

    In a story I read in Media Serambi Indonesia. In this swamp, there is a daughter who disobeyed her mother, her name is Cut Ni. The swamps are the foothills and there is a house that turned into a lake due to the flood that hit. And the flood started with heavy rain. The heavy rain was accompanied by a rain of angels with a storm due to Cut Ni's disobedience which Mother prohibited from leaving the house. God curse.

    I enjoyed coffee in the swamps while reading, imagining, telling stories that I couldn't imagine. But that afternoon coffee was accompanied by fried bananas and a cup of espresso to stem my thoughts. I will be strong if the caffeine substance is already flowing in my bloodstream. Any story will make me calmer.

    Next to the swamp, there is a green area of ​​rice fields owned by farmers. To the north is the foothills. This is a great place to spend time enjoying coffee. I prefer to enjoy coffee in a strange, quiet and beautiful place than in a shop.

    Coffee and beauty are two combinations of places that can form it. And two variants that can give birth to inspiration. Even two collaborations that can generate brilliant ideas for productivity. I didn't think that coffee and a place like this would embrace me in a different light. So, I prefer a place like this to enjoy coffee.



    If I enjoy coffee in a place like this I get peace of mind. I feel in my soul. As if feeling no interference or similar whispers. The place and coffee here is freedom. And can make up for all worries. The wind carries song and love.

    While enjoying a piece of fried banana, I asked my best friend to shoot some important moments. This place not only evokes passionate memories, but also fun, after drinking and serenity

    In addition, these swamps became another part of the memories of love that I must capture. Memories like that must be dissolved in a coffee cup and sprinkled with a little sugar so that the timeline regulates the destiny of life from a bitter taste that is not bitter when drunk.



    A place like this is heaven for men in trouble. They prefer to be alone or find a comfortable place. For Adam, a heavenly coffee shop, a place to share happiness, a storytelling room, a place to vent, where all problems can be solved. If there is a question why do men like to go to coffee shops? Then the answer coffee shop is heaven for them.

    Not infrequently, in the area where I live, many men visit coffee shops in the morning. One hundred percent of men do not have breakfast at home, and enjoy a variety of foods at coffee shops and the morning drink is coffee.

    Traders of coffee drinks, start selling coffee at five in the morning. And close it at midnight. Even in our city there is a coffee shop that is open twenty-four hours. Generally the shop is filled with Adam. It is rare for a woman to be addicted to coffee. On the other hand, if on the contrary, furthermore, husbands who often have problems and do not object to their wives, coffee shops are the place to be.

    In our area, coffee shops are also places for free talk. Coffee connoisseurs are free to release their expressions, whether emotional, humorous, satirical, and all kinds of forms and attitudes after getting a reaction can be explored freely in a coffee shop. In a coffee shop, after a sip of coffee, you are free to speak out loud. Generally, the characters obtained from coffee drinks can be seen with various kinds of reactions from the audience.

    Usually, for men whose lifestyle is upscale they enjoy coffee with reason while contemplating thoughts. And for the middle class, they enjoy coffee as a complement to the dish during a meeting. Meanwhile, for middle class men, coffee is part of the escape.

    That's why men like to go to coffee shops? In conclusion, from the average reasons above, the wife does not provide maximum service at home, and often asks whether my husband has drunk coffee or if he wants to drink coffee.

    The most never heard question at home from the wife's mouth, do you want to drink coffee, dear? Even though the question is a dream for the Adams. That's the reason why men like to go to coffee shops. Come on let's coffee shop the place of freedom in this world.

    This is all I can post today, hopefully useful. For those who want to get more stories or articles about coffee, please follow me. That is all and Thank you.

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