Coffee Contest | Start a Simple Morning With a Cup of Nescafee Classic Coffee and a Slice of Bread


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    Published on Sep 28, 2021
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    Watch a Video About How to Live a Simple Life with a Cup of Nescafee Classic


    Hi friends at the Cinnamon Cup Coffee Community. This time, according to the topic of the coffee community held by @galenkp, I participated in a coffee content for #coffeecontest .

    This content I created is very simple and very practical to start the morning in living your days. Namely with the Nesscafe Classic Cup.

    I raised the theme of coffee drinks in a way of life and practicality that is simpler than what we believe in the benefits of coffee and can be enjoyed by all people, both men and women, not necessarily at the shop but also at home.
    Enjoying a cup of coffee is not only about a place and a luxurious lifestyle, but a simpler way is part of the joy of enjoying coffee.

    Coffee is a flow of Energy whereas Bread is Life. Both are a good start to achieve a dream~Afridany

    The summer morning sun shriveled up faster than usual. The light shines brightly on the earth. Likewise in the front yard of my house, the sun is very hot, and the day will be blazing bright.

    It's quite difficult to start a summer morning, if you wake up a little late your head will feel dizzy. Starting the morning early will make me more excited and excited. Even for me, starting work by getting up early will bring blessings, rather than oversleeping, especially when accompanied by a cup of coffee.


    Whatever my morning be it summer or rainy season, I have to start the morning with a cup of hot coffee. Often, my wife buys coffee at the warung, and buys a packet of rice for breakfast. But, this morning is different, I want to start the morning in a simple, practical and inexpensive way. something simple is happy?

    I boil water in a kettle and heat it up, that's the first thing I did. Before I finally enjoy my coffee full of solemnity, of course I have to brew coffee with a sugar solution. Don't ask again how to make Nescafee Classic Hot coffee.

    The Nesscafee Classic Sachet type of coffee is a cheap and very special coffee for any condition. Only Rp. 500, I can already enjoy the coffee. No luck, I didn't have to buy it, because my wife sold it. On the front porch my wife built a stall. He sells coffee sachets to buyers. People who visit the place will buy and drink their hot coffee sachets at a relatively cheap price. So, to drink Nesscafee coffee at home, I can drink it for free.

    This was the first time in my life that I enjoyed a cup of Nesscafee Classic with a loaf of bread. Bread is life, while Nesscafee Classic is hope. Earlier this morning I was building my morning with a life of hope, whether it was futile or not, but living too hopeful would be disappointed. But, I've never tried to be afraid, the taste fits the tongue and is very delicious.

    The combination of the delicious taste of Nesscafee Classic coffee with a piece of bread can make the eyes more open. And perfect for starting an emergency morning. We do not need long to fill an empty stomach. Sometimes when we are chasing the time Nescafee Classic is the choice. Simply boiling hot water and brewing to enjoy coffee.


    Why Nesscafee classic coffee is so popular, because chocolate mix is ​​the most combination of flavors in the world. And heat is one way to enhance the taste. That's why this Nesscafee classic is so delicious and can last up to seven generations. As is known, chocolate is the most delicious type of palawija in the coffee mix. This is a unique blend of flavors.

    Nescafe Classic can boost nerves. Can be used to build the brain and eye literacy area. besides getting the stomach, the aroma and taste are just right. And can be used as office coffee. In addition, it can make you more focused and high concentration.

    Meanwhile, Nescafe Classic is a youth coffee, and can be added to a coffee dish for guests. In addition to serving quickly and practically, this coffee tastes great and is drunk in half a glass of water. If it is made to be diluted, the aroma of this coffee will taste bland on the tongue. So, I often brew half a cup of Nescafe like the one recorded in this video of mine.

    In this video I make coffee more lively and very simple. I want to give meaning that coffee can not only be enjoyed by the upper class. Various coffee product companies always distribute more varied and simple coffee, so that all people can enjoy coffee.
    All of us know and know by heart how many sachets of coffee are mushrooming in the kiosks. The presence of various types of coffee always provides the best solution for us. Therefore, I am compelled to myself to make coffee reviews more simple, feasible and practical.

    I have visited several coffee plantations, and seen how simple coffee farmers live. And the evolution that developed with coffee has made their lives more advanced and developed.

    Maybe, this is all I can post this time, follow me for coffee reviews and about it, that's all. GREETINGS AND THANK YOU.😘

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