# Secret Interview of Soviet Pilot Defector Circa 1973


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    Published on Sep 17, 2021
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    Secret Interview of Soviet Pilot Defector Circa 1973

    Invite you to learn from a decorated Pilot & air force flight instructor who defected from the USSR and it's military service in a daring escape involving the intentional crashing of his fighter airplace in Iran airspace.

    4 minutes in - Hanna Barbera style slide that shows postal address for any correspondence or feedback.

    Destroy al opponents to Communist Ideology politically and personally, on a targeted individual level.

    Promotion of world dominance; an ideology pursued fervently by both Communist and Fascist contigents with delusions of grandeur.

    Took 2 years preparing to defect from USSR & Soviet Air Force. The 2 years spent mostly by coming to terms with the concept of defecting, rejecting communist ideology on the grounds of core morals.

    Had 2 fly 2 hours deep into Iranian territory, threat of being attacked and shot down.

    14 minutes in - Training & Education of Pilots in USSR
    Higher aviation schools - US equivalent are Technical colleges or Institutions (industry, sector?)

    Finish 10 years public school, political checking; family, background clearance.

    Pilots who become graduate cadets don't get choice or forewarning as to what sort of plane they will fly (cargo, aviation, fighter, bomber).

    Higher Aviation School/s teach cadets for multiple different aviation roles for the multiple different aircraft cadets were trained on.

    • Dogfighting & Intercept - specialist school to train cadets in this.
    • Average of cadets that graduated was around 70% of enrolled cadets per year. For example, in one school the % of accepted cadets Avg annual training school of 220 cadets, only 180 would make it through.
    • USSR wanted to increase their % of successful cadets as year on year, they were always lacking enough pilots (unclear whether this was due to there being more available aircraft and vehicles than humans to drive them?)

    28 minutes in - US planes were of higher technological development;

    1. computerisation
    2. perfect navigation equipment
    3. Weapons were approximately 2-6x higher quality / effectiveness
    4. Air missiles more than twice radius of USSR plane

    Initially difficult to find any info of the US pilots & US Air Force, this is compared to the plentiful info available to the Soviets on the US aircraft, technical info on engineering & physics, models, vehicles.

    Very high appreciation of the US pilots when they did finally learn of their Air Force Operations and in turn the pilots' character. In comparison the USSR Air Force thought of themselves of being controlled by a man who was created by the USSR to do readings only of communist literature. Someone planted to only think of world revolution & speak of it as much as possible.

    The type of person described isn't generally found in the Air Force (or much of the Soviet military overall).

    Soviet pilots have no grudge held towards the US Air Forces or the USA, infact after fighting them during the korean war, they were prone to nostalgia and admiration when recalling their battles with the US pilots.

    An USSR Air Force Pilot Flight Instructor works longer hours and can be said to work harder than regular Air Force Fighter Pilots.

    42 minutes in - What did the USSR learn from the US military's classic Vietnam War operational & combat reports?

    46 minutes in - benefits of USSR Air Force service; offshore bonuses, pay grades per rank and experience, overseas deployment, promotions.

    USSR army & military servicemen earn much better wages than Soviet civilians. To attract civilians the salary was very good and wage paygrades structured better as a member of the military. After 5-6 years, their pay is increased substantially.

    Pilots are one of the best paid roles in the Soviet military.

    48 minutes, 20s - (in regards to pilots) "I should say, the same as working in a submarine. As nuclear submarine personnel"

    2 month's vacation per year which includes "free transportation." A lieutenant's salary increases incrementally every year once they start miltary service. Even at this paygrade it is around 3-4x lower than the wages paid in US Air Force /engineers pay grades.

    Prohibited to make holidays abroad up to three years after retirement.

    53 minutes - Promotions and Ranks in the USSR Air Force; Pilot, Lieutenant, Senior Lieutenant, Captain, Flight Commander. Position & political status is the precursory requirement for achieving a higher ranking in the military.

    55 minutes, 55 sec - What about the Soviet retirement system provided for retired military & servicemen?

    Civilians retire around 55-60 years of age. Pilots and ground forces can retire earlier, after around 47-55 years of age and when 25 years of the compulsory service is completed.

    Paygrades of Military Retirees

    57 minutes, 35sec - as an ex-member of the Communist Party, talk about the interchange & overlay between Communist Party & Air Force / military service.

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