The True Success Principles of Trainwashing; The Secrets Of Positive Brain Washing


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    Published on May 17, 2021
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    Author: Michaelson Williams

    As I introduce the secrets of positive brainwashing I would like you to remember just a couple of things. One, change the way you think about the word brainwashing. In our minds, and the way we think of this word, we have a tendency to normally think about it in a negative manner. We think of this word in a negative manner because we have been conditioned to think of brainwashing as an outside force. We think of this outside force as something that is meant to control how we view reality. Now while this is very true in the since of social conditioning, I would like you to think about it in a different manner. Think about brainwashing in the manner where you are in control of the information that you take in, into your mind, into your brain. Think about brainwashing in a manner that only positive things can happen through your control.

    So from now on, when I use the word brainwashing I want you to put positive in front of it. At this point we have the words positive brainwashing. For the rest of the time that you are listening too or reading this material I want you to always think about positive brainwashing, that you are allowing yourself to take in to your mind, and into your way of being. Think of this so that only positive things can come to you and be the outcome of your actions. The brainwashing that has taken place during your entire life has for the most part been negative. Through this negative brainwashing you have created a false image of self, and this image of self is not the true you, and who you are beyond labels. You are much greater than the box that this type of negative programming as built for you.

    During this presentation you will discover that you are more expanded. And through this expansion of mind I know that I will be able to give you a glimpse of the true you, so that you are able to focus on the creation of true success. I will do this without your conscious mind interrupting and stopping your driving force. We do not want the conscious mind to act as a untethered driving force. Because the conscious mind if not used properly slows down the journey to true success. And it also stops us from having a positive perception of what success is. The conscious mind will hold us exactly where we're at for the most part, because we allow fear into our lives.

    The second thing I want you to do is to think about fear and how it doesn't apply to you, or your life in any manner whatsoever. This is an exercise in mental control, so don't worry if when you ask your mind to stop thinking about fear, your thoughts of fear become amplified. This is only an exercise, so if this happens take a deep breath and continue reading or listening. I went through my life being both brave, and fearful. Now, my life so far has been an incredible journey, But it hasn't always been under my control. It's been under the control of what I thought I was supposed to do. How I was supposed to feel, and how I was supposed to act. I had been conditioned to believe that I could succeed and be successful at whatever I put my mind too. But I also had the fear of actually becoming a successful person, making the attempts, and believing that I can make the small successes into large grand successes.

    You ever wonder why you have fears that drive you at some point. And then in the next instant this drive just shuts down, and cause you to freeze up and not move forward at all. This is nothing more than negative brainwashing, which keeps you in a certain status in life. This negative brainwashing is meant to keep you in a place where you cannot move forward. And instinctively, you refuse to move backwards. So you sit in this Limbo stage. In this Limbo state, you can continue to live a life you believe to be satisfactory enough, but never good enough. So in your life, you believe that the possessions that you have are most important, but you always seek more and want to have more. But you do not have the ability to put the pieces of the puzzle together due to this negative conditioning.

    So what we are going to do here is sample pulling out the negative brainwashing, and we're going to fill that void. fill that space with positive brainwashing. If you've red my book, Trainwashing, The Secrets Of Positive Brain Washing already, then you are ahead of the game with some understanding of what I'm speaking about here. To be triumphant the mind muscle has to be exercised daily. We have to exercise, and build our mind muscle per say, so that we can be strong enough to build and create everything that we want in life. So we are going to go over 20 daily principles of positive brain training, that will allow you to start to retrain your subconscious through your conscious mind. We are going to use your conscious thinking, to re-program your subconscious mind, in order for it to run on autopilot. Without you interfering with this cycle or this autopilot, you will be able to understand, recognize and change the negative paths and make them positive.

    I'm going to start by reeding the daily principles of Trainwashing, and then I'm going to expand upon every point of this 20 principles. Here are the top 20 keys to retraining your brain in order to reach complete success. Principle number one... Be open to the belief that you are great already. You are great already therefore, act like it. Your greatness is already within you. You just have to access your own greatness in order to become successful. Many times per day tell yourself that you are great, wise, brain powerful, elite and entitled to the true success in which you seek. Do this each and every day to wash the negative brainwashing away.

    Now let's expand on principle number one of the daily rules of Trainwashing, The Secrets Of Positive Brain Washing. In the simplest fashion, open your mind, do not try to rush in with a huge amount of thought behind your new training. This is all about taking frequent baby steps through the conscious mind, through your critical thinking in order for it to be absorbed, and used in a state of autopilot. Through the conscious mind training your newly found greatness of self is allowed to seep into the subconscious. This happens like a small crack in a wall that has a small leak in it where the water just starts to push through or trickle through the crack. Water is a powerful substance if it has enough force behind it, or if it is sustained long enough to create a lasting effect. Trainwashing if applied daily in a habitual manner is just the right amount of pressure, to create lasting positive changes in the subconscious.

    What you must come to realize, is your greatness has to happen like a small trickle through that crack, where the water's coming in. The water that I am speaking of is, positive life changing information, which acts as the catalyst for lasting true success. We have to let this information trickle in, and then build on that little trickle. So, as a daily principle wake up and say you are great. Start there and you will feel different from that point on. But you must not open the floodgates and let yourself move through this process too quickly. Every few days, add a new mantra, or add to this mantra by saying I am great, I am educated, and then leave it at that.

    When you add to your mantra, you add another small crack in the wall, where the water, or in the case of Train washing, positive information seeps through. Say, you are mind powerful. Which means you do not let negative ideas into your mind, because you take deliberate action against such things. Because you do not want your journey to slow down. You do not want the positive momentum to change direction. Say you are Elite. Elite meaning special. Say you are entitled to true success, meaning the things that you want in life, the success, the love, the power, the strength, the outgoingness it is already within you. You are entitled too it. The door has just been closed to the idea that you are all these things right now in this moment. You are already great, mind powerful, elite and entitled to everything you wish for in life and this is true 100%.


    Michaelson Williams,TSX, Author of True Success Naturally, Editor-n-Chief at MMAP Magazine, Creator of the A-Coin Token project

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    self-improvement self-growth success positive thinking

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