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Published on Oct 08, 2019
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Uranus when discovered in year March 13th 1781, by William Herschel was mistakenly believed to be the comet at first, it was later confirmed to be seventh planet of our solar system. Uranus is the third gas giant, third largest planet in by diameter and fourth most massive object in our solar system.

Uranus just like neptune, is too dime to see with naked eye, thus there are very less references mentioned about in past civilizations, Uranus is the first planet to be discovered by modern scientific method of using telescope. William Herschel proposed the name "Georgian Sidus" for the newly identified planet but due to disagreement with scientific community, and alternate suggestion from astronomer Johann Bode it was changed to "Uranus".

Uranus has fast rotation axis around its equator, and take approximately 17 hours and 30 minutes to complete one rotation around axis, i.e. the length of one earth day on Uranus is 17 hours and 30 minutes. The orbital time of Uranus around Sun is 84 days (i.e. it take only 84 days for Uranus to complete one year). Uranus is also retrograde directional. Uranus also has 13 rings surrounding the planet, they are believed to created by asteroid collision with Uranus's Moon.

Uranus has 42 years of Day (sunlight) and 42 years of Night (darkness), because it has 98 degree axis compared to earth, i.e. Its poles are where earth's equator lie. Wind travels at a speed of 900 km/hour (i.e. 560 miles/hour). Mars is a heavy planet and it has the mass approximately 15 times that of the earth but lightest among the four gas giants.

Uranus being known as "Icy Giant", has hydrogen and helium in its upper layer of atmosphere while transitioning downward it has icy mantle covering its rocky surface and heavy iron core. The nuclear material "Uranium", which was discovered in year 1789 was named after the newly discovered planet "Uranus".

Voyager 2 is only known spacecraft believed to have passed by Uranus in year 1986. The surface temperature of Uranus is -224°C earning the title "Coldest Planet" of solar system.

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