My games of the 2nd round - HivechessTournament, analysis and more


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    Published on Jan 21, 2022
    About :

    @sawko sawko sawko sawko, yeah this dude is back and it looks like he wants to take it all in this season. With an incredible score of 30 points and a high bersek rate he managed to win the 2nd round of the HIVE Friday tournament, an event organized by @stayoutoftherz.

    39 players came to this tournament, I am impressed by how many players are joining this hive event each time. @tungphong is having a tough time and it looks like a strong opponent has finally arrived to face him. The fight continues but this time the Vietnamese player settles for second place.

    @eniolw, as always in the first places keeps the chase and is waiting for one of the two favorites to fall, we already know that he has a great level and can produce good games against @sawko for example, in this tournament he could give a blow to the champion.

    @cocacolaron still had a good tournament, he got the 4th place, and he keeps playing high level chess.

    @wildthoughts ranked number 5 with 18 points and @jaki01 scored 17 points to rank sixth.

    As for my performance it was much better than last week, with 17 points I placed in the number 7 position close to the leaders, I think I'm doing better playing on the phone xd. I'm still making adjustments in my studio so my desktop is still not available, I recorded all my games from the phone and well I think I play better, this was a 3+1 tournament the time was very short and with the phone is easier for me to make the pre moves.


    You can find the games and results of this round here

    My games of this round

    I played 10 games, 6 wins, two draws and two losses, not bad but there is still room for improvement. Here are the games I played in the hive chess tournament:


    @rosmarly vs @vjap55

    @vjap55 vs @tony1294


    @stayoutoftherz vs @vjap55

    @realdeadleaf vs @vjap55

    @vjap55 vs ajedrezclub2t

    @franu vs @vjap55

    @wildthougts vs @vjap55

    @cocacolaron vs @vjap55

    @vjap55 vs mandeo

    Analyzing the most painful blunders


    In this position against Mandeo I had the strong continuation 22)Bxh7 and the game would end quickly with a forceful attack, 22...)Kxh7 23)Qh5 and there is no salvation for Black, instead, I played 22)Bh6 with some similar attacking ideas but did not achieve much, however the game continued and ....


    Total equality, but I played the horrible 32)Qh6??? and Black got mate, 32)Qxg2# :s

    Against @tony1294I reached a very advantageous position in the dragon, I played my Yugoslavian attack with success but at this critical moment I failed in the calculation.


    I played 22) Qxh5?? (curiously the move 22 same as in the previous game lol) and I thought I would win the piece, but this is a mistake because the white king is left without defense, according to the analysis the game is won with 22)Qxe7 a strange move but that contains a very interesting idea, for example, if 22...)Rxc3 then white plays 23)Rxg6+ Kh7 24)Rh6+ Kxh6 25)Qg5 Kh7 26)Qxh5+ and white just wins.

    Well, another tournament, another day to keep learning and improving in chess.

    See you tomorrow at the @schamangerbert tournament and on Sunday at the chess brothers league (@chessbrotherspro).

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    chess hivechess proofofbrain neoxian palnet contest sportstalk sports gaming chessbrothers

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