Moon the 13th


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    Published on Sep 09, 2019
    About :

    Hey, friends :D

    Did you know that this upcoming Friday is Mid-Autumn Festival? Yep, for people that celebrates it, Friday the 13th will be MOONCAKE TIEM~

    (Also, it will be FRIDAY the13th!!!)

    Do you have any spoopy stories about Friday the 13th living up to its name? :O I don't have any, but for today's piccar, I drew something in the moods for the upcoming spoopy day~ (plus a full moon) (cuz of mooncake day) ... XD;

    Here is the finished piccar...

    For this one, I went back to the black pencils. I kinda am attached to the black and white, I think. There's something really classic with the contrast between the two :D

    Who is she? Why is she crying blood? How does she gets such good volume with her hair? There are many questions that popped in my head as I was drawing this. A few ideas for a dark story ! I really enjoy when my art talks to me, as they come together in front of my eyes :) This is partially why I love letting my hands draw without any planning, you see? Because the process allows for exploration of ideas inside my head. And now, I have the rough building blocks for a short story about a tragic figure, just waiting for me to write it out :D :D :D

    .... as for the hair's volume, it might be a particularly damp night and her hair becomes a little frizzy! (at least, that's one mystery unravelled! hey? XD)

    As usual, it's the Tilted Pencil tool on Krita. With the watercolour brush at the end for the background effects :)



    From the #gaming side, @archdruid has launched the FINAL round for the themed contests: THE PRESENT!!!

    As promised, the prize pool has been BOOSTED!!! It was usually 30 Steems per round, but I decided to put it up to 42 Steems for the FINALE, and then.... the amazing @geekgirl decided that she will personally put 42 Steems out of her own pockets to double the prizes, so I am very pleased to announce that...


    Prizes' structure:

    First Prize (x1): 26 STEEMs
    Runner Ups (x2): 14 STEEMs for each winner
    Honorable Mentions (x5): 6 STEEMs for each winner

    DELICIOUS PRIZES * ___ * !!!

    I hope to see a lot of entries <3 Let's celebrate the CURRENT DECADE in #GAMING and make the FINAL ROUND a great BOSS BATTLE ?????!!!!!! \o/

    (PS. a lot of people and curators are also paying attention to these contests, and there's always one, two, or a few entries that have been picked up by Curie or OCD curators in the past :D! Not guaranteeing anything, just pointing out a historical fact :D)

    That's it for this post :D

    Artists’ Highlights with C2

    On another note, please check out this article that I wrote for the @c-squared’s Artists’ Highlights a few days ago :) Please check it out! I am featuring TWO artists at a time, and the eighth pair is: @armandosodano and @shibasaki :D


    Issue 1: @Arrr and @thilah
    Issue 2: @EdgarUVM and @Zsolt.Vidak
    Issue 3: @chrisdyer and @sanderjansenart
    Issue 4: @elenasteem and @patschwork
    Issue 5: @nyarlathotep and @carlgnash
    Issue 6: @mikkolyytinen and @nekromarinist
    Issue 7: @azbeen and @barbara-orenya
    Issue 8: @rachelsvparry and @jankasparec
    Issue 9: @armandosodano and @shibasaki

    copyright @veryspider. all rights reserved.
    (that means DO NOT USE unless you got my say so in writing!)

    To all of you artists out here at Steemit! Hello~ If you ever are lost and lonesome, please join Steem Artists at our discord chat:

    We network with fellow artists here on Steemit and we help each other succeed :) Come and say hi~ ^ __ ^

    curator for OCD, curie, and c-squared (and c-cubed), helpie, archdruid and akibasteem - member of powerhousecreatives

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