Ex CDC Boss States Fauci Funded Creation of COVID Virus & Covered It Up. What's Being Missed?


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    Published on Mar 08, 2023
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    My regular readers and viewers may remember that as far back as the first months of 2020 I was already helping to expose that SARS Cov2, the virus connected to COVID19 was the result of gain of function research funded by the US and carried out in the Wuhan labs in China. Now the US government is hearing evidence from experts on this topic - with the real possibility that the 'heroes' of the COVID19 era are actually being proven to be serious criminals.

    I didn't guess this, it was made public at that time by Professor Francis Boyle, the author of the US and international law on bioweapons - who was aware of the science from China and Eco Health alliance that showed that research was being carried out in Wuhan that exactly matched the type that could potentially lead to the creation of exactly the type of virus that was emerging in that region, which became known as SARS CoV2.

    Despite me talking in early 2020 about Ralph Baric, Peter Daszak from Eco Health Alliance and other reasearchers who were clearly those involved with the dangerous gain of function research that very possibly resulted in millions of deaths - it has taken three years before the 'esteemed experts' in US society have come to talk about it and start to take investigative action. As terrifying as it is that the denial and instense censorship around the issue of responsibility for the emergence of SARS CoV2 topic has and continues to kill people globally - it is even more alarming that despite the utterly pathetic responses by 'leaders', this recent US hearing is the ONLY one that has been carried out in any country with any weight on the global stage.

    My annoyance aside, it is good to see and hear some of the pertinent topics being discussed in a public forum, given the weight of government 'authority' behind it. It is also good to hear people such as Dr. Redfield, the ex Director of the CDC at the time of the emergence of COVID19 openly state that he thinks Anthony Fauci and the US government not only funded the creation of the SARS CoV2 virus but also then did everything possible to manipulate the public, using taxpayer money to try to cover his trail.

    As I and many others have stated, if the letter of the law were being followed here and it were proven that this well evidenced understanding is correct, Fauci could certainly face along list of criminal charges, even including treason and potentially bioterrorism. In short, this could potentially lead to Fauci and a varity of cronies facing some of the heaviest charges handed out in US criminal history. If Fauci escapes such charges, there is good reason to think that he will be unable to walk safely on streets alone again.

    For those who think that this is an unfair 'witch hunt' against Fauci, I remind you that Fauci himself said during COVID that there will be a time to dive into the topics of who made mistakes (who lied) and what the real origins of the virus were and that that should definitely come but he stopped it at that point and wanted no more talk of it.. Well, we are at that time it seems now Anthony.

    This is quite a long hearing, I watched it on double speed, but the summary of points is:

    • Generally all the expert witnesses agree that the complete absence of evidence that the virus evolved 'naturally' shows that this theory is extremely unlikely - despite it being pushed as 'the only possible truth' by government and media voices for years.
    • They all agreed that the origins of SARS CoV2 must be understood in order to secure future world safety.
    • There is mostly a conensus also that the scientific evidence points to SARS CoV2 having been engineered in a laboratory during 'gain of function' research which amounts to bioweapons development.
    • The witnesses all agreed that the framing of the possibility of a COVID19 lab leak as a 'conspiracy theory' is fundamentally wrong.
    • Fauci deliberately cut out the head of the CDC from early discussions on the origins of SARS CoV2, apparently because he thought it was important to explore that the virus had emerged from a lab leak and Fauci was hell bent on preventing that idea being focused on.
    • Several experts who initially made it clear that the virus could easily have emerged from the Wuhan labs, completely changed their tune publicly after Fauci spoke with them privately. Several months later then they received $9 Million of 'funding' from Fauci!
    • The ex head of the CDC states that gain of function research must be stopped and that it should be a public decision, not something purely decided by scientists. This alone is enough reason for Fauci and cronies to remove him from discussions at the earliest opportunity since it would remove personal power from them.
    • There was a fair amount of political nonsense in the proceedings, with one democrat using all of his time to do nothing more than to deride Trump. I'm not fan of Trump but I would never make such a fool of myself as to distract away from the topic at hand by trying to grandstand. It gave the very real impression that some of the Democrats were trying to derail the process and distract away from investigation into one of the most serious crimes in history. Extremely alarming! (Note: I am neither interested in democracy, nor in the US - I most closely align to anarchism - the idea that there should be no rulers).
    • The lab in Wuhan was advertised as being a BSL4 level of facility, meaning that it was meant to be extremely safe and secure - however, there is evidence that actually it was operated at BSL2, which is extremely unsafe and absolutely unsuitable for work with dangerous virii.

    Key Topics That Were not Covered But that Must Be

    There are mountains of piles of evidence relating to many topics that connect the dots together to expose what has taken place in the origins of COVID19. I have shared plenty of them during the last few years, yet there are entire books and thousands of pages of additional reserach put together multiple times over by independent researchers just on Fauci and Bill Gates alone. It would be great to see literally all of the evidence brought into full public scrutiny. I am not sure that will ever happen, but here are some key individuals and topics that were missing from this hearing so far:

    Dr. Auwaerter (47:00): "No-one thinks Ebola came from a lab accident decades ago"

    • Actually, yes, they absolutely do think that and I have already shared the documentary on this topic by Dr. Leanord Horrowitz. He does a decent job of tracking the involvement of a company called Linton Bionetics, a US gov contractor in the production and release of Ebola. His documentary should be required viewing when understanding the background to the virus and bioweapon landscape that led up to COVID19.

    • Dr. David Martin, a world expert on patents and particularly biomedical patents has gone to great lengths to have his team explore the components of SARS CoV2. He found that far from being a 'novel' virus, 100% of the components of the virus existed years before 2019 in PATENTS owned and operated by pharma corporations and the US government, among others - including Moderna, one of the main companies who created the experimental gene therapy shots, unscientifcally known as the 'COVID vaccines'. It would be very helpful for the world to have him questioned by this US Government panel if they truly desire the truth of the origins of COVID19.

    • As mentioned, Professor Francis Boyle, author of the world law on bioterrorism should absolutely be part of this investigation - since he was clearly the very first voice to speak up about the science behind the lab leak and was absolutely cancelled by social media and world media networks. So much so that I am not even sure if he alive today or not as he has not been communicating publicly for two years or more.

    • If you really want to dive down the rabbit hole, maybe we should get the team from Project Camelot into the hearing to discuss the alleged freemasonic whistleblower who they documented on video in 2010 had informed them of a longstanding plan to target China with an enginneered flu virus that would then spread around the world be a key part of a large scale plan for global transformation! People have been programmed to laugh at such things, yet the video exists and the pieces of that testimony fit very neatly with what took place during COVID19.

    There is so much more to say on this topic - I will simply add that it is my understanding that aeons of history and understanding about human behaviour and psychology show that there is a percentage of humans (scientifically currently defined at at least 5% of global population) who are classed as clinical psychopaths. These are extremely dangeorus people, capable of massive and extreme evil with no remorse - they often take positions in governments and corporations for a variety of reasons. We must never lose sight that 5% of 8 billion people is a number that is easily high enough to potentially end up with every single power position on Earth, in government, science and media taken up by such a psychotic and dangerous individual. Considerable evidence shows that this has actually been a goal of certain covert groups for a very long time.

    Wishing you well,
    Ura Soul

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