Learn How To Change The World. Your Silence Means You Give Your Consent - You Agree To It ALL!


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    Published on Nov 24, 2023
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    This great presentation by 'Lex the Dove' comes from the In Power Movement and clearly explains a simple tool that everyone can use to drastically shift the balance of world power in the favour of 'everyone' instead of the few.

    In short, there is a principle in law in the US, UK and elsewhere that says that 'tacit agreement' exists where an offer is presented and no response is given to it.

    At the core of these law systems is the idea that all actions in the universe must be voluntary!
    "Wait, that doesn't sound like much fun for those wanting to crush the will of the people?! How will they dominate and steal from everyone if people can just choose to opt out?"

    Well, that's where numerous tricks have been inserted into the legal systems to try to ensure that you 'voluntarily' go along with whatever ideas the scumbags come up with. Exploitation of our ignorance of 'Tacit Agreement' is one such strategy. Ever wonder why you seem to be forced to do 101 things that you don't want or need to do, just becuase someone in government decided you will do it? Every time you are presented with a 'demand' from such people it is really an 'offer', an 'offer to contract'. You can either accept or reject the contract. The problem here is that in these legal systems if you remain silent then you agree by default!

    What happens if we respond to any and all such 'offers' that we don't like in a way that negates the attmept to over-ride us and that turns the tables on the people involved? That's what this video and the In Power Movement are teaching. I have personal experience of this strategy as I used it over a decade ago to shut down both the UK government and a major bank who were threatening me with a variety of headaches at that time. Instead of closing our eyes and wishing the problems away, we respond with carefully worded letters that let them know that we know the contractual nature of the law/legal system and we say that we will agree to their terms.. if.. they can provide x, y and z - completely reasonable requests that should be easy to provide if their claims are legitimate. We also let them know that you will be charging them personally a large sum of money for your time if they cannot prove their claims.

    As the video points out, In Power has already had several cases where high profile government figures have stepped down shortly after receiving their legal/lawful notices! In fact, when this is done correctly, I have never seen it fail to achieve what some might think 'impossible'.

    I highly suggest checking out In Power and trying out some of their strategies if you feel excited to do so and need help with creating new balance in life for yourself, friends and family. In truth, one way or another - every time you free yourself and free others, you free me too in some way or other because everything is connected. :)

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    Wishing you well,


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