(Alleged) VODAFONE 5G WHISTLEBLOWER on COVID19 & NWO (Heavily Censored on Youtube)


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    Published on Apr 03, 2020
    About :

    Whenever a video is as heavily censored as this has been, I pay attention. In this case the topic is the health effects and possible nefarious intentions behind the massive global 5G rollout and it's possible connection to COVID 19. I have not yet been able to identify who this speaker is or which cryptocurrency he talks about as being 'pegged to minerals' - if you know the answer to either question then please let us know in the comments below.

    The brief summary of this video is that the articulate and clearly well educated British speaker is saying he used to work at a high level in Vodafone and became aware that the plans for 5G and the 'Internet of Things' are part of the often cited 'New World Order' 'Satanic' plot to enslave humanity. Despite ridicule from people claiming that this plot is nonsense and the realm of 'tin foil hat wearers' - the reality is that from a proven scientific perspective many of the technological aspects of the alleged plot ARE already available to any group who is inspired to carry out such a scheme. I am also clear that there really are such sick people on this planet who would absolutely love to try to overpower the free will of as many people as possible. We only need to look at the numerous examples of mass slavery and genocide from our past to know this is not a theory or a joke.

    Whether you think this video is legit or nonsense, I want you to consider that it's still a good thing that you get to hear the video without being forced to put up with censorship. Sites like 3speak are essential if we are to really know what the voices of our planet are saying and if we are to be personally empowered to make decisions based on the available evidence and not have to view the world through a corporate filtered lens that leaves out details that might be inconvenient to their own agendas.

    As we can see, many people are taking the connection between 5G and COVID19 seriously, going as far as burning down 5G towers in Britain:

    I have done a fair bit of research into this topic now and while I don't know the 100% truth of the situation, I do know that:

    a) This is a complicated topic and any simplistic claim such as '5G is totally safe' or on the other end of the spectrum 'There is no covid 19 virus and all of the symptoms we are seeing are down to 5G are false. There IS a wealth of scientific research published that shows conclusively (Spanning multiple decades) that microwave based technology can cause numerous health effects ranging from DNA damage through to other unpleasant problems. Equally, there is plenty of evidence that there really is a coronavirus involved in COVID19.

    b) Extensive research needs to be done to know the truth here and no piece of evidence should be denied.

    c) Youtube has been deleting this video repeatedly - to a level I have only seen in cases such as the video that was uploaded of the mass shooting in a mosque in New Zealand.

    I will be posting in more detail as time permits.

    Wishing you well,
    Ura Soul

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    politics news covid19 coronavirus whistleblower 5g

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