"SARS CoV2 Existed In Patents for Decades & Is NOT Novel" - "COVID19 Is An Opportunistic Marketing Campaign": Patent & Bioweapon Expert.


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    Published on Aug 10, 2021
    About :

    Dr. David E. Martin is a CEO of the world's largest underwriter of intangible assets in the majority of countries. M-Cam, his company, has access to all patents and related data - which they track to a high degree. They specialist in monitoring innovation and the economics of innovation. M-Cam and Dr. Martin have analysed all of the 4000 patents registered in history that relate to Coronaviruses and found some very alarming and important evidence regarding the origins of COVID19.

    The full detail of their findings is epic in scale and is something that might be best explored by teams of experts, however, to summarise:

    • There are over 120 pieces of evidence that show that the idea of COVID19 being a 'novel' coronavirus is false.
    • The patent records show genetic sequences being registered, going back to 1999, which contain all of the aspects of COVID19 that are claimed to be 'novel' or new.
    • Jan 28th, 2000 - Was the first patent registered for a coronavirus s spike protein, by Pfizer. Patent 6372224 is for a vaccine for Canine Coronavirus that references spike proteins.
    • Anthony Fauci - head of the US COVID19 response - and NAAID identified coronaviruses as useful in the development of HIV vaccines. In 1999, Fauci funded research at the university of North Carolina to build an 'infectious replication defective coronavirus' (patent 7279327 filed april 19th, 2002), specifically targeting human lungs. He says that this was the invention of the original SARS virus that previously hit Asian regions hard. The patent lays out in specific gene sequencing that it was known then how to engineer a coronavirus to target the ACE receptor with spike protein using computer code. In other words, they knew in 2002, how to create SARS CoV2 or COVID19. This was originally done as a way to harness coronaviruses to distribute HIV vaccines.
    • In 2001, his organisation reported publicly on research being done to use coronavirus as a bioweapon.
    • Following SARS 1, Patent 7220852 and derivative patents were logged to 'own' the genetic sequence for the original SARS virus. Additionally, breaking US patent law, the CDC and US government laid claim to the testing mechanism for identifying SARS as well. The CDC justified the claim to these patents as a way to open up research on the topic to the world, but in reality the patent office rejected the patent twice because it was already in the public domain - eventually, the CDC over-rode the patent office and forced them to issue the patent. So they could not possibly be protecitng anything for public use if that information was already public domain information. They also took steps to keep the patent over-ride process a secret.
    • The patents filed by the CDC for SARS CoV 1 in 2003, 2005 and 2006 contain sequences that are 89-99% the same as SARS CoV 2. SARS 2 must come from SARS 1 from a taxonomy perspective and so the claim that CDC has nothing to do with SARS 2 cannot be true.
    • 28th April, 2003 - 3 days after CDC's patent was filed in 2003 - Sequoia Pharmaceuticals filed a patent (patent 7151163 for treatment of Coronavirus. Sequoia eventually became owned by Pfizer, Crucel and Johnson and Johnson. He says that the treatment was filed before the SARS 1 patent by CDC was authorised and made public - meaning that Sequoia must have had access to the sequences directly in conjunction with the CDC. He states that this amounts to racketeering and is evidence for a RICO case in the US.
    • He says the same pattern played out with SARS CoV 2 with Moderna receiving the sequence for the virus before the CoV2 sequence was defined (need clarification on this).
    • 5th June, 2008 - DARPA took interest in coronavirus as a bioweapon.
    • 5th June, 2008 - Ablynx (now part of Sanofi) filed a series of patents that specifically targeted the features of SARS CoV2 that are claimed to be new/novel. The ACE2 receptor binding domain and spike protein were included within the patents, which were approved in Nov. 2015 (Patent 9193780) (after the MERS outbreak and Gain of Function ban), 2016, 2017 and 2019. All of the details of the SARS CoV2 virus were included in these patents.
    • 73 patents, issued between 2008 and 2019 contain the elements that were allegedly 'novel' in SARS CoV2.
    • Ralph Baric stating that pandemics are an opportunity to make a lot of money:
    • Peter Dazic (head of eco-health alliance - researcher working on gain of function coronavirus research in Wuhan), in 2015, is quoted as saying: "We need to increase public understanding of the need for medical countermeasures such as a pan-coronavirus vaccine. A key driver is the media and the economics will follow the hype. We need to use that hype to our advantage to get to the real issues. Investors will respond if they see profit at the end of the process.".
    • Patent 7279327 on the recombinant nature of the lung targeting coronavirus was transfered between Chapel Hill university and the NIH in 2018. The NIH already had rights to access the patent anyway under US law, but they transfered it to their control anyway. They issued a follow up correction to correct a typo in order to make sure it was legally enforceable.
    • Moderna, UNC and NHAID began the sequencing of a spike protein vaccine in November 2019 - 1 month before an outbreak of SARS CoV2.
    • January 6th, 2004 - Merck, in a conference called 'SARS and bio terrorism', the phrase 'A New Normal' was coined intended to get people to adopt a universal coronavirus vaccine.
    • March, 2019 - Moderna knew they would be at the front of the line for creating a vaccine for the virus. Moderna began negotiating with other patent holders in order to gain access to lipid nanopartical tech that they needed for the SARS CoV2 vaccine. In ammended patents, Moderna highlighted the risk for an accidental or deliberate release of a pathogen.
    • The risk of an accidental or deliberate respitory pathogen release was covered in the WHO book 'A World At Risk'. The WHO said that by September 2020 there MUST be a simulated response to a deliberate release of a respitory pathogen. The book promotes the rollout of a universal influenza vaccine.
    • Anthony Fauci lamented that he could not get the public to accept a universal influenza vaccine.
    • Coronavirus was declared not to be a risk in mid 2000s, yet billions were suddenly spent on development of coronavirus tech later on - before COVID19.
    • Anthony Fauci tried to file US patents for mRNA vaccines for HIV and was rejected because they do not meet the requirements for a vaccine. They don't work to protect the recipient and do not prevent infection.
    • Current COVID19 shots do not meet the requirements for being defined as a vaccine. Instead, these shots are injecting large numbers of people with technology that was developed as a bioweapon.
    • There is no evidence that SARS CoV2 is in any way different to what had been patented years earlier.
    • 'Delta' Variant is distinct from any other virus. People are just looking for fragments of genetic material and not an entire genome. The flawed methods of analysis being used enable identification of any number of imagined variants.
    • The specific sequence that has been used in COVID19 vaccines is not verifiably, publicly available.
    • Genetic sequences are not available digitally in patents and elsehwere. His team had to access written paper documents to get the codes.
    • Influenza's genetic sequence contains similar chains to the alleged COVID19 sequence and so depending on which sequence is used and how it is used, it may be the case that PCR tests for COVID19 are only detecting influenza. Which explains why flu levels dropped to 'zero'.
    • Governments tried to promote a universal vaccine program for influenza, wihch failed - they then changed the pathogen.
    • COVID19 is an opportunistic marketing campaign for vaccine technology.

    David Martin on Youtube
    M-Cam Corporate Website
    David Martin's Personal Site

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