Prof. & Ex WHO Advisor: Gov COVID Policies Based On Lies & Fraud Science. Criminal Corruption & Blackmail Are Rife!


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    Published on Aug 21, 2021
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    Adding to my recent series of posts on COVID19 whistleblowers, we have two interviews here from the UKColumn with Professor Christian Perronne (former Chairman of the Specialised Committee for Communicable Diseases in the French Government & Former member of the WHO Euoprean advisory group) and Dr. Anne-Marie Yim (Research expert in protein chemistry and immune response) on the invalidity of the political response and process surrounding COVID19 and associated injection rollout.


    Dr. Anne Marie Yim has a Phd in organic Chemistry, studying protein chemistry and immunity in France and the USA. She also has a masters in Intellectual Property (IP), so has been working as a patent engineer in Europe. She has now opened a scientific educational service for children.

    Professor Christian Perronne currently works in the University Hospital at Versailles in France. He was head of the dept. of infectious diseases from 1994 but was fired from this role recently because of his public statements contradicting the government's policy on COVID19 response. For years he was an advisor to governments and the WHO in the field of epidemic/pandemic management. He publcly stated that the government response to COVID19 was 'crazy' and was censored and removed from his position as his result.

    COVID19, Vaccinations, Science & Policies

    Summary of the interview:

    • The COVID19 shots are NOT vaccines - they are 'genetic modifiers' that inject mRNA, a new technology that has never been used before.
    • Vaccines involve the injection of a deactivated virus into the human body. These shots work differently, they inject a genetic sequence - therefore, these shots are not 'vaccines'.
    • Contrary to common belief, it IS possible for viral RNA to be added to DNA. It has been proven that human DNA contains sequences that correspond to RNA from viruses. This means that creating injections which install RNA into people could result in DNA changes.
    • Systematic innoculation has never occurred in this way in human history. The rate of mortality is actually very low globally and this action is not justifiable. The process is political, not scientific.
    • The new variants are less virulent than the first and pose less risk to people. Mass innoculation for such mild disease is unprecedented.
    • Many studies show that early treatment with drugs and nutrients work to protect and heal people.
    • In India, states which used Ivermectin, Zinc, Azythromycin and Vitamin D, the epidemic ended. In Indian states which promoted vaccines and Remdesivir, the epidemic continued and more people died.
    • Vaccinated people are at risk from the new variants, whereas unvaccinated are not at risk. Injected people should be put in quarantine and are dangerous. He says that Israeli experts are facing this problem currently due to high levels of innoculation.
    • Media has been lying about how busy hospitals are at key points in the COVID19 process.
    • Media has been overhyping each of the variants - misleading the public. The media's comments are not scientifically accurate.
    • Transmission is dropping worldwide, yet injection drives continue.
    • Once the full injection rollout occurred in India, the epidemic recurred, having been caused by the injections. See my previous post looking into this subject in more detail.
    • Lockdowns were completely useless. The countries with the most strict controls have the worst results in the world with COVID mortality.
    • PCR tests are unreliable, with many false positive results. The 2nd wave and 3rd waves were mostly invented with data manipulation.
    • Serology tests for SARS CoV 2 would be much more reliable but the tests have not been developed or used.
    • The claims that herd immunity would be reached if 80% of the population are injected are only theoretical and not scientifically based.
    • Innate, natural, immunity from infection will last life long.
    • Analysis of existing serology tests in use around the world showed most of them to be very poor.
    • Correct analysis of immunity of global populations would probably demonstrate herd immunity has already been reached. The lack of a proper serology test is deliberate sabotage to show the COVID19 problem being much worse than it really is..
    • Initial responses to the disease were heavily controlled by government/military - forcing incorrect healthcare, leading to worsening of cases and death. Essentially Malpractice.
    • Paracetamol can induce cytokine storm, meaning that the person gets seriously ill due to Paracetamol use.
    • Drug treatments needs to be used appropriately depending on the timing of the unique case. Different drugs create different results depending on what stage of disease they are applied to.
    • Hydroxy-ChloroQuine (HCQ) works well when used early.
    • Disease is complex and incorrect use of drugs can result in blood clots and death.
    • The 'recovery' trial on HCQ that was used to discredit the use of HCQ was fraudulent due to using an overdose of the drugs on people. The trial was not correctly carried out.
    • Randomised studies on HCQ and Ivermectin show that they work well on COVID19.
    • Placebo testing of known non-toxic drugs during a crisis is not expected, according to WHO guidelines.
    • Ivermectin is completely proven to work against COVID19 despite voices claiming the opposite. Claims against Ivermectin are false in order to push vaccines and the people claiming Ivermectin doesn't work are acting unethically and should be held liable.
    • HCQ testing in France by Professor Raoult achieved 100% success for COVID patients and the test was said to be invalid because of the lack of a placebo. The doctor running the test said he would not use placebo because he didn't want to 'play with the lives' of the people involved (he knew HCQ worked).*** Ironically, the lack of a placebo is common in VACCINE trials run by pharamceutical companies who also say that it would be unethical to NOT give people vaccines in trials because they 'know that they work and are safe'. So which one is true? HCQ isn't proven because of the lack of a placebo? Or many vaccines aren't proven because of a lack of placebo? Both or neither?***
    • Randomised trials of HCQ were stopped based on incorrect logic/information and lies. The Lancet study rejecting HCQ was shown to be fraudulent.
    • Many scientists appearing on TV are sharlatans and should be fired.
    • Over 1M adverse reactions to COVID shots recorded in the UK.
    • European and US situation is similar.
    • Most cases of COVID are now coming from the vaccinated who are transmitted the disease. The governments are lying when they say that the unvaccinated are responsible for transmission.
    • This is the first case where a vaccinated person is not protected and can pass on the virus to others.
    • Brian Gerrish: "MHRA says perhaps only 10% of serious adverse reactions are likely being reported and yet this is not highlighted to the public."
    • 15,000 deaths reported due to COVID shots. Real number may be many times higher. (note: this may be over 100 times higher due to under-reporting and other reasons).
    • Glutathione intravenious injections help people handle the injections.
    • Reality is that shots do not work well, kills a lot of people and triggers ageing/cancer. This is only the beginning of the unsafe effects of the injections.
    • Lipids used in shots contains nano-ferric component that can create EMF fields which may be the cause of the videos of people with magnetic body parts.
    • Isolation of symptomatic people and early treatment with supplements and drugs is suffucient to prevent and stop any COVID19 epidemic.

    Video mirrored from: UK Column (UK Column page includes an English/French text transcription.)

    Wishing you well,
    Ura Soul

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