Human Rights Abuses By French State As Cops Block Supermarket From Unvaccinated.


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    Published on Aug 20, 2021
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    If you ever need an example of soul-less people, look no further than these uniformed policy enforcers in France. Today their 'job' is to prevent people from feeding their families if they have not submitted to experimental invasive medical procedures.

    The Nuremberg code, signed after World War 2, expressly forbid coercion when it comes to medical experimentation. Apparently these people have either not understood the gravity of their actions or perhaps they are enclined towards the Nazi end of the spectrum of human depravity and soul loss.
    The COVID19 shots are EXPERIMENTAL - why? Because there is no long term safety data and the trials are ongoing until 2023 - they are not approved for safe use. There is no other accurate term for them than 'experimental'.
    Forcing people to comply with experimental medical procedures by way of denying the right to food - a universal human right - is wrong in so many ways that words are hard to find for it.
    Yet this is apparently what we are seeing in France today in the name of 'safety'!

    In case you are unaware, the COVID19 shots are wracking up a significant death toll in their own right, plus they do not prevent transmission of SARS CoV2 - so they can barely be called a medicine of any kind.
    How can anyone justify what we see in this video and in other locations in the world? The only possible mental gymnastics that a person can engage in will always be underpinned by half truths, denial and/or pure evil.

    Several legal actions are in process around the world currently to expose the extent of the lies being told in the name of global control and a power grab.
    If you think this is a joke or I am wrong, I invite you to take a few days off of your 'work' and actually do due dilligence research into the subject. You are welcome to review my posts from the last couple of weeks and ask questions here.

    Wishing you well,
    Ura Soul

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