No Jab No Job, Plus Big Fines! Australian Northern Territory Launches Extreme COVID19 Shot Rules.


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    Published on Oct 13, 2021
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    Australia's descent into medically driven tyranny and compliance by weak people to dictates made by even weaker people continues!

    Despite having ZERO locally acquired COVID19 cases and 7 identified internationally acquired cases, Australia's Northern Territory government has decided to act out one of the most draconian control policies in world history! As you can see in this video, the 'Premier' of NT has declared that from the 13th of November pretty much everyone will be forced to be injected with an experimental COVID19 shot or face large fines.

    The heavy denial of the science which shows that the risk of adverse reactions is high, which may include permanent injury and death, is palpable. This 'person' is literally condemning people to die who would not have died without this fear powered rule in place.

    Remember - Government ONLY has the power YOU give it. Stop complying to such unethical and frankly evil dictats if you value life and freedom.

    As a reminder, there are several large scale legal cases on going around the world to challenge the data and legitimacy of these experimental shots - plus there are many, many examples of scientists, Doctors and qualified researchers stating that the shots are both dangerous and unnecessary. A summary of some of my recent articles on this is here.

    Even if you are pro vaccines and pro the experimental COVID19 shots, there is no excuse to deny the science that shows that prior infection by COVID19 is many times more effective than the shots could ever be, meaning that people who have prior infection have zero possible benefit from the shots.

    Additionally, the shots are set up to provide some 'protection' only against the spike protein component of the initial variant that was released by Chinese scientists early in 2020. Since then the virus has mutated many times such that the shots are not particularly effective at all against them. This again means that the risk of adverse reaction outweighs the possible benefit in many, many cases.

    None of the truth about the science here is being given legitimacy by these political strategists however, not because they care about or understand your body's needs - but because they have invested lots of money into the shots and are likely carrying out an agenda which you would never agree to if you knew all the details.

    Wishing you well,
    Ura Soul

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