Sr. Expert in Drug Approval in AUS: COVID Vax Led To More Death/Injury Than Any Drug In History


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    Published on Sep 27, 2022
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    Here, Dr. Phillip Altman, a veteran authority of managing and designing clinical trials and approving new drugs, speaks to the Australian Medical Professional Society (AMPS) about COVID19 crime and deceptions. He does not sugarcoat the topics he is presenting and makes clear that he is certain that the governments, pharma croups and 'celebrity health beuraucrats' have lied to the population en masse.

    Those who have followed me through the COVID 'experience' will know that my early data analysis and nearly 20 years of research into health and the pharma industry led me to share very early on that what this Doctor and thousands of others have said was both true and predictable. It is genuinely disturbing to me just how many people openly claim they know all about 'the science' and that the COVID shots are 'safe/effective', when in reality literally all of the best data shows they are not and never could be describable as being either.

    "The Australian people have been deceived, we have been lied to"

    For such a senior and veteran expert in the field of drug approval to be saying this is something for all to take note of. Of course, the majority of those who still deny his words will likely continue in denial for the rest of their (short) lives.

    "The COVID gene based vaccines have undoubtedly failed to live up to expectations. These so called vaccines do not prevent infection, they do not prevent transmission of infection and they are not keeping people out of hospital. These so called vaccines are not safe, they have caused more deaths and serious adverse effects than any drug in the history of medicine. Anyone who disagrees with these simple facts has just not bothered to look. Too many lives have been lost, the time has come to speak the truth."

    This week I will be cremating my own Father, who very likely died as a result of immune deficiency caused by him receiving two of the experimental shots. In the last 8 months I have spent countless hours in numerous hospital wards, helping him try to recover. I can promise you that I never once saw or heard of a single genuine COVID case, despite my Dad even being placed in COVID isolation wards twice because he tested positive for COVID (with no symptoms). I promise you that I DID encounter numerous people who the nurses were openly admitting were in the ward because of adverse effects of COVID shots that they had received within the previous 24 hours.

    "Orchestrated mass media censorship allows mis-information go to unchecked. The media is complicit, it is deplorable and disgraceful."

    The mass censorship of 'dissenting voices' - aka genuine thinkers, researchers and scientists - should be ringing the loudest possible alarm bells. This type of thing has only historically happened in the most dystopian and evil of societies.

    "Our so called experts omitted to say that these gene based therapies were part of a completely new class of drug under early research for rare diseases including genetic diseases and cancers. Intended to be used on relatively small numbers of patients where the benefits were hoped to outweight the considerable risks of serious adverse effects associated with gene based therapy. These risky blue sky drugs were never intended for healthy people, children, pregnant women and infants - or to be used indiscriminately. The public was tricked into believing these gene based vaccines were 'approved'. They are NOT approved. They are 'provisionally' approved by the TGA and there is a huge difference. The difference is that they have not been proven to be safe and efficacious, as claimed. The manufactuerers have been given up to 6 years to provide the outstanding safety and efficacy data and now after 18 months of worldwide use, we are seeing the highest rates of death and adverse effects ever associated with any drug released in history."

    This hits into the crux - the details here all matter a great deal. More and more of the 'health experts' have been admitting that they basically misled and lied to the public (not in so many words). Where is the comeback? Where is the justice? It is down to us to create it because the system controllers are clearly involved in the crimes. These are some of the most serious crimes I know of in human history.

    Wishing you well,
    Ura Soul

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