US Doctor Shows How Immune System is Compromised in Patient After 2nd COVID Shot. Left With HIV Like Immune Profile. (Censored on Youtube).


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    Published on Oct 12, 2021
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    Swiftly censored on Youtube, this insightful video from a US Doctor of Chiropractic care shows what vaccine researchers previously identifed - the COVID shots can seriously impare key functions of the immune system. He speculates that maybe 'breakthrough cases' are partially caused by this effect.***

    Dr. Nathan Thompson has over 15 years professional experience in healthcare and is one of many chriopracters who assess patients' needs way beyond spinal manipulation.
    In this video he shows advanced immune system test results for a patient who had received a 2nd COVID shot.
    The tests show that levels of important immune cells in the patient had dropped to very low levels following the 2nd shot.
    The patient is a type 2 diabetic who had made major changes to his life to improve his health successfully, he then received his shots and the immune testing shows the progression.

    The testing that was performed is an advanced immunity test of the kind that would be performed for HIV patients to track the failure of their immunity and is not normally performed for vaccine recipients.
    The patient did not want the shots but felt coerced into getting them in order to keep his job (Note: This violates medical ethics and is illegal in some regions).

    After the first shot, he was tested and a marked rise in CD8 killer cellswas noted.
    After the second shot, the immune system was measured to be significantly out of balance, signalling a lot of tissue damage, but also a huge drop in the natural killer cells.

    Such a huge drop of adaptive natural immunity means that he will be at significant new risk of infection from a wide variety of threats and potentially now at increased risk of cancer, since the immune system has the role of clearing out early cancerous cells too.
    Dr. Thompson states that the signs are of an autoimmune disease - akin to HIV.

    Since very early on, numerous experts have claimed that the SARS CoV2 spike protein which these shots instructs the body to produce has components which are identical to those found in HIV. This strongly affirms the evidence which points to SARS CoV 2 having originated in a lab, having been engineered - likely by research carried out by EcoHealth Alliance (that the US government is STILL FUNDING TODAY!).

    Dr. Thomspon does not tackle the issue of HIV components being in the shots, but instead highlights that the so called 'breathrough cases' of COVID19 in those who have received the shots may well be due to impared immunity that the shots trigger. This disturbing possibility not only explains the breakthrough cases, but also suggests that a percentage of those who have received the shots may effectively be left with an impaired immune system that could last for any lenght of time. As he states, more research is needed and since Doctors generally aren't performing the tests he is referencing, data is limited at present.

    Wishing you well,
    Ura Soul

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