#STWT 214 The Belt and Road Advances while the World Burns - Bankster CBDC Reset


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    Published on May 19, 2022
    About :

    This is #STWT live show 214 the weekly pirate broadcast where we deep dive the news and expose the plans of the Illuminati New World Order. This week we analyze the plan to destroy America and the world by designed economic collapse and then save everyone with CBDC's. That's the end game UN smart city gulags and CBDC's. Taking a close look at how the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative is tied to the economic chaos in many countries but including Sri Lanka, Iran and Tajikistan. We took a look at how the Multi-National Corporations are fueling the growth of the PLA Navy, even companies in Taiwan are sealing their own fate.

    I analyzed the obvious glow boi attack in Buffalo.

    I also analyzed the completely fake and propped up by bots alt media superstars. The Internet is Dead theory absolutely applies to the fake e celeb drama world. First off I eviscerated Shaun Attwood once again for looking like the worst pirate of all time and for being burned toast shill territory. Then I went back into the Nick Fuentes America First butthurt brigade as I felted them on the Kino Casino with a comment about the Cat Boy Kami grooming children in Baked Alaska’s house information. Then I discussed the response by Joe Atwill of Logos Media who confirmed that Joe Rogan is a satanic new age drug pusher. All the new alt media is as fake and as controlled as the old media.

    Lastly we went into the Corona nonsense, going over the connections to DARPA and the recent comments by Dr. Bill Gates King Larper 2020. Seems the rooster injections will continue every six months until everyone is dead.

    Hive Show Notes: https://hive.blog/stwt/@titusfrost/show-notes-stwt-214-the-belt-and-road-advances-while-the-world-burns-bankster-cbdc-reset

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    stwt news politics conspiracy deepdives

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