Inside Look at 3Speak & PeakD - Hive Community Volume 2


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    Published on May 15, 2020
    About :

    Discover the possibilities you have with 2 supporting platforms in the Hive Family. In this Volume 2 episode, Kenny Palurintano and I show you how you can leverage the video power of 3Speak and the amazing array of tools available for your Hive Blog in PeakD.

    If you are a new user of Hive or someone who has been around for a while, you can learn from these pointers.

    Thank you for stopping by. Please upvote and follow here on Hive so we can get the word about these useful tools out to more people. We greatly appreciate you being here with us.

    And to help you further, here is a transcript of our discussion straight and unedited from Zoom. Hope this helps you in spite of a few missed words. Enjoy and have fun!

    cryptocurrencies have a great amount of opportunity for you. And there's really an exciting one that we're talking about here in this series called hive.

    00:00:32.490 --> 00:00:41.100
    Terry Brock: HIV gives you the ability to get a lot done and there's and create content get paid for it, build a community. And there's some supporting platforms.

    00:00:41.340 --> 00:00:55.380
    Terry Brock: That. Not a lot of people know about. But you get to know it because you're watching this video and to show you what's going on. We've got one of the best joining me today. He's my buddy Kenny Pollard Tonto and he's joining us to talk about some of these things, Kenny. How you doing today.

    00:00:55.980 --> 00:01:00.390
    Kenny Palurintano: I'm doing quite well, Terry. Thank you so much for having me on. And I look forward to chatting with you.

    00:01:00.840 --> 00:01:07.680
    Terry Brock: Well, you helped me a lot when you introduce me to hive and encouraged me to get on that, of course, you were with steam it before, as I was

    00:01:07.920 --> 00:01:13.440
    Terry Brock: And we've seen some changes come about, and now we're seeing hive and the supporting platforms. There are particularly good

    00:01:13.680 --> 00:01:21.660
    Terry Brock: I would like to show a little bit of three speak and maybe just share my screen and do it. Kidding. Could you kind of help us as we go through that if I share my screen here.

    00:01:22.230 --> 00:01:23.040
    Kenny Palurintano: Yeah, absolutely.

    00:01:23.250 --> 00:01:39.390
    Terry Brock: Sounds good. Well, let me go in here. I'm going to share my desktop come in here and there we are. Now you should see this, which is the current way that things look on three. Speak, man. By the way, Kenny. Why, where did they come up with three speak. How did they get that name. Do you know

    00:01:39.870 --> 00:01:45.900
    Kenny Palurintano: I haven't actually been able to figure it out. Yeah, I was reading through all their documentation, a couple days ago, trying to find that out.

    00:01:46.080 --> 00:01:50.580
    Terry Brock: Yeah, we'll find out because I always wonder, you know, Inquiring minds want to know, but

    00:01:50.610 --> 00:01:59.730
    Terry Brock: I like this, particularly because you can see all kinds of different videos that are there. And this is educational by looking at different types of videos.

    00:02:00.150 --> 00:02:12.390
    Terry Brock: Some that you're going to say, hey, I really want to see that others not for me. That's okay. It's got a lot of opportunities, but you'll notice there's something in common here under each of them. Here's what made $152 91 cents. Here's what made one penny.

    00:02:14.940 --> 00:02:23.070
    Terry Brock: You know, this kind of little change right here can be nice. I don't know this person here who did it. Hey Alexa houseplants community introduction post

    00:02:23.550 --> 00:02:33.600
    Terry Brock: This is marvelous to me. I don't even know her, but she put up video. She's already made $55 74 cents and getting something done providing six minutes and 35

    00:02:34.380 --> 00:02:41.940
    Terry Brock: Seconds of useful content to the world. Well, here's how we can do some of this over here. I click on to Terry Brock, that's me.

    00:02:42.270 --> 00:02:51.090
    Terry Brock: And you'll see that I've got a creator studio available my channel. Can you see the videos that I have and then creator studio. I'm going to click on that one.

    00:02:51.360 --> 00:03:01.770
    Terry Brock: And I want you to notice what happens, we go in here to a place where we can see some videos, some views, subscribers uploaded videos, etc. And what I'm going to do right now is I'm going to click here on

    00:03:02.310 --> 00:03:15.720
    Terry Brock: The ability to upload videos cooking on upload and notice what's here wanted to show you this so that you'll get a chance to see it. You can drop a file or click here. See, if I click on this, it goes to my

    00:03:16.740 --> 00:03:24.540
    Terry Brock: Website here my computer and it says, Okay, what do you want to do, and we can put something in there, but I'm going to cancel it. I don't want to put anything up there right now.

    00:03:24.900 --> 00:03:31.230
    Terry Brock: The video would then appear here in the preview put in a title here, description, putting some nice tags.

    00:03:31.740 --> 00:03:40.980
    Terry Brock: And this is important here. I like the way they did is content is graphic and or NSFW not safe for work and they put that in by default.

    00:03:41.700 --> 00:03:52.500
    Terry Brock: Because there are some videos that well they're not safe for work. So I'm people might not want to see that. Well, that's okay, you'll want to make sure that you uncheck that. If you have content that is appropriate and is safe for work.

    00:03:52.980 --> 00:04:03.090
    Terry Brock: And then also, here's the thumbnail, you click on that and you can bring in a thumbnail. That's really important when you're using it. So I would suggest getting in this it can do a lot of good for you.

    00:04:03.360 --> 00:04:08.070
    Terry Brock: And you'll go to three speak and three. So I'm going to leave this page here without jumping into it.

    00:04:08.520 --> 00:04:13.890
    Terry Brock: You want to go into three speak. Notice I'm in the studio here. But if you just type three speak online.

    00:04:14.220 --> 00:04:22.380
    Terry Brock: You'll be able to get over there and it's going to give you the ability to do a lot with that. So that is one platform that's available for video

    00:04:22.830 --> 00:04:37.260
    Terry Brock: Kenny you're using another one that has got an abundance of wonderful options out there. We could easily spend a lot of time going through all of those right now. We want kind of an overview of peak D D as in Damn, that's good.

    00:04:37.620 --> 00:04:40.650
    Terry Brock: So tell us about D and what it is.

    00:04:41.700 --> 00:04:50.430
    Kenny Palurintano: Yeah so peak d which is peak diva be his first decentralization is the peak of decentralization

    00:04:50.460 --> 00:04:51.150
    Terry Brock: There you go.

    00:04:53.220 --> 00:05:01.680
    Kenny Palurintano: It's a full, full blogging platform a full social media platform where you can have any kind of content basically

    00:05:02.940 --> 00:05:05.100
    Kenny Palurintano: I share my screen now. Yeah, look at

    00:05:05.280 --> 00:05:09.360
    Terry Brock: share your screen with us. And let's take a peek at the peak D peaking at peak D.

    00:05:11.250 --> 00:05:19.290
    Kenny Palurintano: So here you can see is my front page on peak team. This is what you get if you go look at my blog. Yeah.

    00:05:19.350 --> 00:05:19.950
    Kenny Palurintano: And those of you

    00:05:20.100 --> 00:05:30.060
    Terry Brock: Joining us notice up there in the URL say that the peak slash at Kenny's kitchen I tell you get over there. See all the great content that Kenny has

    00:05:30.630 --> 00:05:46.980
    Kenny Palurintano: Yeah. So basically, it shows all your content going from the newest to the oldest there's all sorts of different ways to sort. There's all sorts of different ways to create content. So you can go into create a post

    00:05:47.430 --> 00:05:54.480
    Kenny Palurintano: And it looks somewhat similar to three speak just minus the video thing you've got your description here your title.

    00:05:55.110 --> 00:06:06.570
    Kenny Palurintano: We can put a short description, they'll show up in like search engines and stuff. You've got your options for tags, which is decides where it can be found on the platform on the right side here is always your

    00:06:07.440 --> 00:06:16.590
    Kenny Palurintano: Your preview because just like on three speaking on peak do both. You can use full HTML or markdown for your content. So you can get real good formatting and everything.

    00:06:17.820 --> 00:06:26.070
    Kenny Palurintano: One of the things I really liked about PT is that you also have drafts whenever you're creating a post it's automatically updating and saving a draft of it.

    00:06:26.820 --> 00:06:41.250
    Kenny Palurintano: Into your browser and you can create templates. I don't think I have any created at the moment. Now, where you can make a template. If you wanted to have, you know, you have a Monday post the put out every Monday. It's a little different, but the framework looks the same. You can

    00:06:41.520 --> 00:06:42.540
    Kenny Palurintano: save a lot of time.

    00:06:42.870 --> 00:06:51.060
    Terry Brock: I think I'm saving time make it easier for you and you get to choose to content concentrate more on content creation, rather than fiddling with the technology of it.

    00:06:51.660 --> 00:07:05.910
    Kenny Palurintano: Exactly. And on that same and there's scheduling posts when you're making a post. You can schedule it to post out later. So even if you're gonna be gone for two weeks. You can still have content coming out every couple days if you just do it all beforehand.

    00:07:06.210 --> 00:07:14.730
    Terry Brock: That is very nice. I'm doing that right now over on my WordPress site with an ad in called steam press that worked with steam now works with hive.

    00:07:15.090 --> 00:07:30.000
    Terry Brock: And scheduling posts is a smart thing to do. Do a batch on a so you get a Saturday afternoon where you got some time crank out about five or six of them and then scheduled them to go out and future. That's how you really build a community and social media and here on peak D and hive.

    00:07:30.450 --> 00:07:41.070
    Kenny Palurintano: Absolutely. And actually, since you mentioned communities. Let's take a little look real fast. So one of the things that hive has is communities. These are just a few of the ones that I'm in

    00:07:41.880 --> 00:07:53.130
    Kenny Palurintano: You can. So each of these different communities is a place. It's just like a Facebook group or a subreddit, on Reddit. It's a place where you can go and there's specific content about that.

    00:07:53.880 --> 00:08:03.450
    Kenny Palurintano: Type of media that genre and you can put your content into a community. If you want to just talk to that group or you can put out from your full blog and everyone who follows you can see it.

    00:08:03.690 --> 00:08:04.200
    And yeah.

    00:08:05.760 --> 00:08:11.700
    Terry Brock: And that's particularly nice because really, that's what you need to do if you want to get ahead and really build a business.

    00:08:12.060 --> 00:08:26.880
    Terry Brock: In the peak D and Hive environment. You want people that can work with you and you delegate. That's a key term there delegate some of your voting power to them, you're helping them. They're helping you and everyone gets a head that way. Tell us a little bit about that concept.

    00:08:27.990 --> 00:08:36.660
    Kenny Palurintano: Yeah. So let's see if we go over here, we can see everybody's wallets are visible and you can see. And here's where

    00:08:36.960 --> 00:08:52.800
    Kenny Palurintano: Delegations come into play. Your, your hive power is your voting power. It's basically your voting stock just if it was a company, you know, with a stock and you can see you can give that and receive it from other people. So you can see here's where you've delegated some to me.

    00:08:53.130 --> 00:08:53.490
    Terry Brock: Mm hmm.

    00:08:53.580 --> 00:09:03.930
    Kenny Palurintano: It gives me a little bit stronger. But when I go to other people's content and then you can see where I've put it out to a friend of mine that gesture going that needed a little bit to get started and a couple of projects.

    00:09:05.070 --> 00:09:15.930
    Kenny Palurintano: Basically on the front end here. When we look at a post you the two key numbers that have to do with payouts are the dollar amount over here.

    00:09:17.040 --> 00:09:22.440
    Kenny Palurintano: But then also the number of votes and you can see everyone who voted and what their vote was worth

    00:09:23.130 --> 00:09:39.270
    Kenny Palurintano: Because in this. It's not like Facebook where every thumbs up is worth the same. It's worth nothing in this everybody's thumbs up is worth a different amount and depending on how state they are in the system. How much of a stake. They own in the system, whether it's like

    00:09:39.360 --> 00:09:46.950
    Terry Brock: A corporation. If I own stock in a company there. If I own one share that certain amount, but if I own 100 shares. Hey, that's a lot more

    00:09:47.400 --> 00:09:52.170
    Kenny Palurintano: Exactly. And we all get to play with that every day because you can buy hive.

    00:09:52.560 --> 00:10:04.320
    Kenny Palurintano: You can win it through contests, you can earn it through your content or your comments you can earn it through voting. So there's all these different ways to build your stake in the platform, more and more, you know, when I got started.

    00:10:05.220 --> 00:10:11.340
    Kenny Palurintano: I i've never put money into this at all. I've only put my time and energy in and through that. Now, I've been able to

    00:10:11.730 --> 00:10:24.060
    Kenny Palurintano: Launch various different projects and I'm part of a couple different communities and I've got a vote that's worth a few cents. So every time I vote on somebody coming I'm you know content. I'm giving them. I think at this point it's about a dime each time.

    00:10:24.570 --> 00:10:37.020
    Kenny Palurintano: You know I never had to, you know, I didn't have to put the money in, or if you've got a lot of money and less time, you can just buy a bunch of hive and you can have a really powerful vote right away and you don't have to invest a whole bunch of time into it like that, it

    00:10:37.380 --> 00:10:38.940
    Terry Brock: You can very nice choice.

    00:10:39.900 --> 00:10:49.230
    Terry Brock: Excellent. Okay, this is really nice. Well, now if somebody says, Hey, I want to get to know more about this candy power and Donald guy. He's a wonderful man, which he is, how do they get in touch with you.

    00:10:50.310 --> 00:10:56.010
    Kenny Palurintano: Well, this is the best place peak de com slash at Kevin's kitchen.

    00:10:56.340 --> 00:11:02.730
    Kenny Palurintano: Or hive dot blog slash at can use kitchen basically all my content is high blockchain exclusive

    00:11:03.030 --> 00:11:11.220
    Kenny Palurintano: Every now and then I'll throw a little bits out on to some other platforms, just to when it's something that feels really important to share with as many people as possible.

    00:11:11.820 --> 00:11:16.860
    Kenny Palurintano: But this is my home on the internet and others pull this little guy up real quick.

    00:11:17.430 --> 00:11:27.030
    Kenny Palurintano: These are my chat handles and this Court is a platform that's used by a whole lot of people in the crypto world, the gaming world and the hive world.

    00:11:27.420 --> 00:11:38.640
    Kenny Palurintano: So that's, that's one that I'm on every day and then telegram is a really nice encrypted chat app that's good for one on one and group communication. So those are the two easiest ways to reach me

    00:11:39.180 --> 00:11:44.130
    Terry Brock: Excellent. Well, that is good. You go ahead and stop sharing your screen now because this is

    00:11:44.610 --> 00:11:51.420
    Terry Brock: Real nice. And for those of you that are watching this. Think about how you can camp into these we've given you a overview of it right now.

    00:11:51.600 --> 00:12:03.930
    Terry Brock: You'll want to get in there and explore even more a matter of fact there's a whole lot more in peak D. I've been looking at that and just caught my goodness, this is great. Lots of good in there, Kenny. Would you be open to doing a few more videos on PD.

    00:12:04.440 --> 00:12:14.280
    Kenny Palurintano: Yeah, I think we're gonna need to because there's so much so many options so many settings so many different corners of that world to explore. Let's, let's dive into it.

    00:12:14.550 --> 00:12:25.740
    Terry Brock: All right, let's see, we can do so stay tuned. You want to get in touch with us, you've seen Kennedy's way to get in touch with him. I'm at Terry Brock that spelled T ar y and Brock is spelled

    00:12:26.220 --> 00:12:37.140
    Terry Brock: The right way br zero ck. So at Terry Brock and you can go to Terry Brock calm and you get all the other ways I can get in touch with you, Kenny. Any final words before we say goodbye.

    00:12:39.030 --> 00:12:48.690
    Kenny Palurintano: I just want to say thank you for for all the work that you do and empowering people and helping share, you know, the things that you get excited about in the crypto world and

    00:12:48.930 --> 00:12:59.700
    Kenny Palurintano: All the great questions that you have. And so often, it's like you've got a question and we decided, you know what other people probably have that question. Let's go tell them how to do it, too. I really enjoy this.

    00:12:59.970 --> 00:13:08.550
    Kenny Palurintano: You know, help everyone learned from our mistakes on just questions that man approaches, really. I feel like what we need. It's like open source living

    00:13:08.970 --> 00:13:13.740
    Terry Brock: Yeah. Open Source living a good concept. Next time I know you're gonna be going toward living everything voluntarily.

    00:13:14.130 --> 00:13:24.450
    Terry Brock: Yeah, which I like. It is really good. We need people that believe in freedom and liberty and doing everything within within consenting adults voluntarily and

    00:13:24.960 --> 00:13:35.520
    Terry Brock: Use your imagination, whatever it is, as long as you're not harming someone else you do not initiate force or coercion against another. It's a great way to live and hive is a community that supports that in a strong way.

    00:13:35.940 --> 00:13:47.760
    Terry Brock: Kenny. Thanks so much for joining us. And for those of you that are joining us here. Thank you for being here. Get into it, getting that have some fun. Drop us a note. We'd love to hear from you and see you down the road, I'm Terry Brock. Have a wonderful day today.

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