Ulog: If There Is 'developing vs developed nations', Then "developed developer vs developing developer" Exists In The World Of Programming.


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    In this video above, i try to hear various perspectives with regards to the question 'what is missing from the world of programming'. To accomplish this, the discussion involved 5 brothers, including 2 programmers, one graphic designer, one legitimate illiterate and one enterpreneur. 

    What was established? To each one, it is evident that at the very least, they see 'barriers to entry' with regards to 'the world of programming', whether you want to undertake 'programming' as a career, you are a programmer or you want to interact better with 'programmed applications'. 

    Looking more intently, it grew evident that many applications have been obliviously created to better serve an audience that is "bot-like". This hampers on the explorative capabilities of users when it comes to their interaction with applications indirectly affecting the success of an application.

    According to one of the programmers who aired his thoughts during the stream, he feels that even with advancement in technology, applications aren't attaining mainstreamity. Besides super-powers like Facebook and Google that dominate the entire internet by virtue of their popularity over the course of time, there isn't much success in terms of mainstreamity for many, many applications. It is not untold to see thousands of well-programmed applications on various app-stores with sparing user-base.

    We went on to digress a bit and discussed 'blockchain technology' as a case-study, tackling the aspect of 'why it hasn't gone viral' and as we discussed this subject, it grew obvious that many blockchain-based applications have been obliviously created with 'bots in mind'. 

    Many blockchain technologies for instance are coded with 'code is law' in mind, modeled to 'predict human behavior in a bid to govern it'. Now, while you can predict 'bots', can you really do alike with humans? 

    Applications become limited as a result from the very outset, removing the explorative capabilities of humans when it comes to their interaction within these applications, directly limiting 'use-cases for these applications'. Over the course of time, blockchain technologies then lose their 'unconventionality' edge becoming 'generic' and dispensable, which underlying affects its marketability.

    Having said all this, there are obvious parallels among applications as we have them today, that of becoming 'generic' over the course of time and without 'popularity' similar to Facebook or Google, these applications find it difficult to flourish, crumbling before they can attain any limelight as they become dwarfed by super-powers in the industry. 

    If Facebook is for "scroll, scroll, scroll > like" and i have used it for years, then a new application pops up that is mostly another predictable "scroll, scroll, scroll > like"; why join this new application. 

    Going back and looking blockchain technologies in this light, if the next blockchain technology mostly enhances 'code is law' (e.g its governance model), why should i join it?

    Altogether, a lot is missing from the world of programming and one other thing that was mentioned to this effect is the concept of 'developing vs developed nations' that deters growth for technology and innovation as a whole. Where this renown concept continues to exist, even within the world of programming, we will suddenly have the concept of "developed developer vs developing developer". This automatically adds renown barriers to the world of programming, hampering the explorative and innovative capabilities of 'programmers' at large and limits entry into the world of programming for programming-enthusiasts.

     When you combine all these ironies, you get one tangible irony. 

    Your Boy Terry, whether bulls or bears



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