StoffweXel 23 - Covidiot (prod. by Anno Domini)


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    Published on Jan 14, 2021
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    Lyric translation:

    Point number one I should mention that I am a firm believer in covid
    I worry, not only about Grandma, but also about myself, often without a break
    I know this shit is definitely something more than a harmless sniff
    and still I have to clarify something with you crazy

    I don't hang myself on any rag that's hanging here in front of my face
    that doesn't stop me from telling you what I don't like about the crap
    but if we are already on this topic then tell me what the scandal is
    that you first said a mask that doesn't work, although you knew that it was dangerous without a mask

    if you just deliberately pretend something deadly to millions of people here
    so that your masks are not sold out and laugh at us friendly in front
    I give a shit about the variant of the guys with their strange conspiracy
    A mask doesn't make me a slave - but consciously sending us to death does

    and if on the other hand it were true and such a mask is nothing but theater
    so that we think about washing our hands and the state pretends to be our father
    and don't trust us to take this matter seriously without a reminder
    then maybe this is really the lesser scandal but brainwashing like watching television

    One prick - and this spook is over
    Better be there now because otherwise you are alone
    under crazy and the lateral thinkers
    no worries are justified everything has to change

    One song - and I'll bring the proof
    nobody is ready nowadays
    to perceive another opinion
    and to accept although it is not your own opinion

    now suddenly people wish me death when they say I won't be ventilated
    if I don't immediately decide to vaccinate, ok because it comes from the ethics council
    where have we ended up when such ideas are so well received in our country
    have you not written yourselves on the flag that every life is so valuable

    apparently that doesn't count for people who are afraid of an injection
    Nobody knows what's going on in the long term if you get it, I think it's great
    where it is clear to everyone here that it all happened so quickly because politics is putting a lot of pressure on
    and even many doctors prefer to wait with their saving juice

    I have no idea and don't want to pretend because maybe this stuff is the salvation
    But before all the madness that just happened, one criticized the sense and purpose of a vaccination against influenza directly in a public broadcast because it probably had very little effect
    on the number of sick people and that is no junk from the telegram network

    And then this is a completely new type of medical mode of action
    our body builds the virus itself and it dies quietly
    beautiful and wonderful but what if my body remembers it
    that he also builds lousy cells and conspires against himself

    I know the concerns that are partially heard may seem a little childish
    but there are allergic shock reactions when people are sensitive to them
    and in the long term nobody can promise me that it has nothing to do with vaccination
    when my body fights its own cells and that is called autoimmune

    there are many voices that express themselves critically but we are shown on television
    how completely psychotically confused poor people at demos go crazy
    and everyone who today dreams of having a different opinion
    automatically belongs to attila Hildmann and is buried with Xavier without breathing

    I'm so sick of it that I don't dare to say what moves me
    I'm not a fucking Nazi, not even a vaccination opponent, but I can see that you don't understand
    that we are gradually taking the liberty here for diversity and a free country
    because what many have internalized here is not diversity, no it is violence

    violence against anyone who dares to say that he doesn't like everything here
    how the ZDF or Mutti cooks it and I wonder who is really rushing here
    I know these lines will cost friends and listeners too
    'Cause now I'm a conspiratorial idiot

    This country is divided and nobody admits it

    because we know better, who do you belong to?

    I'd rather say yes, because I'm not a Nazi

    No, I see it exactly as our state sees it

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    music deutsch dsound covid 3speak

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