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    Published on May 11, 2021
    About :

    Hello Community,
    I released a new song. Oldschool German rap.
    It is extremely long with 7 minutes and not really up-to-date, where today more attention is paid to the Spotify algorithm than to the content of a song. Nevertheless, I don't want to withhold the track from you and present you here "Exfreundin", a song in which I self-deprecatingly and mercilessly clean the table with my own failure at the relationship level.

    I also have the translation for you here, even if I don't really believe that too many people will take the time to read the entire text:

    Hello dear ex-girlfriend, I'm really sorry and
    Nevertheless, I have to spread bad news like a dirty newspaper
    but be reassured first and foremost it's about my crap
    the shit that I built and why you are probably offended
    but maybe not because there are women, yes you hardly believe it
    those who were with me like me and still trust me
    that i wasn't just the biggest fool in their life
    no just a fucking broken guy you just can't live with
    and i'm really not the type for this best friend
    With whom you were once together and have not regretted it until today
    you don't want to tell me about great new guys
    because you know I don't even want to hear that, I fucking uptight bully
    But now I'm taking a closer look at my failure
    I was not only bad, but even less often the good one
    I picked out 4 of my complete failures here
    and in a way, each of these fucked me too

    And you thought we were meant for each other
    because it starts just like in a fairy tale
    this "stuff" he thinks further and deeply
    and you really feel how he loves you
    that life with him doesn't work that way
    for that you are only blind at times
    this "stuff" that spends most of the time lying down
    pulls you deeper even deeper than deep

    I'd better leave my first big coupe in matters
    was already at the young age of 13 and is really hard to believe
    the girl wasn't really old like 15 or 16
    but 20 kilos heavier a head taller and suspicious
    To deal with meth in the schoolyard there, which was really too much
    I only got together with her because she seemed to be doing really badly
    yes she threatened to take her life
    cut her arms open and could almost persuade me
    to play as a couple with her for a couple of weeks
    but as might be expected, it quickly became too much
    and instead of gaining experience what it would be like to be healthy
    with the first big love i was already rotten
    Women were problems and I was fed up
    before it really started and maybe that wasn't great
    for the whole career, let's look at it
    maybe I find the error can build something in the future


    We jump a little further, I'm 15 years old
    by god i'm in love which was not least due to red hair
    it's teen love not meant to last forever
    But why I failed completely, I'll tell you right away
    I only managed three weeks
    until I hack close with some woman
    ok the woman was still a girl and i was still a boy myself
    but from then on it was clear I was wearing the devil on my tongue
    after all, we were still together for about a year
    and I can't say for sure if it would have gone well any longer
    but when the frenzy of the butterflies finally subsided
    I broke up with her because I was now pursuing new hobbies
    I needed time because I was just smoking weed all the time
    women were allowed to come but had to go again
    when it came to really taking my time
    Because only when I was high enough could I take it easy


    5 years later I stopped smoking weed
    the doctor prescribes hard psychotropic drugs for me
    Funnily enough, you just smoked weed when I was introduced to you
    you weren't really hard to crack
    but the doubts vanished
    When you spent a couple of nights with me like i was the last man
    but unfortunately I wasn't the last
    you did it at a party with a guy
    but the real irony in this thing
    you ordered me to this one party
    but I preferred to stay at another fucking party
    And even if nothing worked for me I would have done it, I swear by my balls
    But anyway I took this shit as a starting gun
    was not loyal to you for 7 years like an anus
    Out of pure revenge, I made you small like that Thumbnail
    and to top it all off, slept with your best friend


    now we have to talk about the matter a bit
    I still have enough action here for 20 parts
    yet I grasp my last and greatest failures
    here in one part and I want to start right away
    I was then deeply in love with a sick liar
    She frosted her entire life story and I was seduced by her
    But because I kept discovering things that were far too blatant
    I got mad about it and really ticked off shit
    i fucked my way across the therapy group
    Just to fool me into control, it didn't matter
    she then finally moved to berlin with a buddy
    to which I then turned my back was just too much for me
    But I was not without guilt and full of sick jealousy
    it got worse and worse and in the end no one is to blame
    but this fact made it difficult for another 7 years
    with a really nice woman but she also had quirks

    She took over my quirks and we locked ourselves in, so to speak
    into a bloody shitty life and that wasn’t worth it
    that improved a little over the years
    but no one was happy anymore and we were damaged
    in all these years at least I had been loyal
    and that was not due to control that should show the next one
    I tried again and I was pretty badly in love
    but unfortunately so broken that practically not a day goes by here
    When I was less of a friend than a bad case of nursing care
    and that was unfortunately the reason for the separation
    i only lasted half a year
    until I packed my things, she also switched to stubborn
    it was clear I wasn't able to pay enough attention to anyone
    to make a person really happy
    But maybe you can take it easy
    and I'll blow you off your stool for at least two weeks


    Hallo Community,
    Ich habe einen neuen Song veröffentlicht. Oldschool Deutschrap.
    Er hat gewaltig überlänge mit 7 Minuten und nicht wirklich zeitgemäß wo doch heute mehr auf den Spotify Algorithmus geachtet wird, als auf den Inhalt eines Songs. Trotzdem möchte ich euch den Track nicht vorenthalten und präsentiere euch hier "Exfreundin", ein Song in dem ich selbstironisch und schonungslos mit meinem eigenen Versagen auf Beziehungsebene reinen Tisch mache.

    Tags :

    music original dsound deutsch 3speak

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