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    Published on Feb 26, 2022
    About :

    Two days ago, I decided to not stay at home all day but to check out a park which my friend at school has always been talking about. She has given it a hype that it has put so much interest in me to really want to check the place out.


    Since my younger sister was around, I decided to take her along with him to check out this place called Dreampark. Moreover, it would not be much of fun if I went there alone so going together, we would be able to gist and enjoy the fun fully.

    We planed our way, and journey to the place, it is about an hour journey away from our house which makes it easier for us. Moreover, the transportation fare is not much as it is a stone throw from my house.

    At arrival to the place, we decided to take some pictures. Below is the picture of Dreampark when you are outside the compound. You can see some selfies which my sister and I took together.






    As we entered the place we saw different kind of games but too bad, I didn't take pictures of inside the place, too bad for me but I made lots of videos and I would be using their screenshot for this post. I strongly suggest that you should watch the video, so you don't miss out on all the fun. So here are some of the games we tried.

    1. BASKETBALL (Time Stamp: 00:30 )


    I must say, I really loved this game the most of all games I played in the park. First, I don't play basketball and never had I ever tried playing basketball that's because I am not tall and never really had the opportunity to go to a basketball court. Definitely, you can say this is the first time I am throwing a basketball.

    In the video, you would watch how much I tried in playing the game. I believe if I do this very often, in time, I would become badass in playing the game.



    My younger sister also made an attempt in playing this game and I don't know if this is her first time too but she did really well. I was impressed because at some point she even did better than me. I go challenged and I did mine again and broke her score.

    This section was the first section we tried and it was really fun for us. Although, I would not be arranging the games as we played it because I cannot even remember the correct order of which games we tried. I also wasn't able to film all the games we played.

    2. BIKE RACE (Time Stamp: 2:10 )


    For Bike Racing, Damn, it was fun and very funny. Do you know why? that's because I don't know how to ride a bike πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚. I was just having series of accident in the racing. Any small drift or turning, I am on the floor πŸ˜‚. It got to a point that I was feeling shy because everybody was looking at me that this guy is just falling off the bike in the game. You really need to watch the video to know how it all happened πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚.

    For my Sister, she didn't like the game and was not willing to give it a try even though I told her to. She just wasn't interested.

    3. VIRTRUAL REALITY (Time Stamp: 3:00)


    When I saw Virtual Reality, my mind was on it all through. All that passed through my thoughts was how is it going to be or feel like. I have only heard people's experience and seen videos of people using it and talking about it but never had I tried it.


    When I was about trying it, we figured that the credits in my card was not able to try out the virtual reality. Trying out the virtual reality was at a cost of $3 per person, so I had to load $10 in my card so my sister and I could give it a try.


    After filling up the credits in my card, I was asked what kind of reality I want to watch and immediately I said a Scary one. I wanted to see what makes people shout and scream while they were on VR. One thing I was sure about, nothing can make me shift a muscle if I watched that same thing.


    And every turned out to how I thought about it. The reality I watched was not close to what I call scary. Although there were monsters, hitting the screen of the reality, blood spilled everywhere and all I was did was to smile and laugh. There is no way I can get scared so far I know the difference between the real world and the reality world.

    4. BIG PUNCH (Time Stamp: 04:20)


    This is one of the games that ate most of my credits the most because it was stepping on my nerves. Though, I really enjoyed the game. I kept punching and punching trying so hard to beat the highest score there but I could not pass a punch level of 5880 while the highest was 7800.

    At the same time, I fell good to make that score because many other that played the game did not get up to my score. It also meant my punch is weighty.


    Too bad I didn't take the video of my sister's punch. I got carried away but her highest punch was 500. Lol, funny right. My punch weighs more than 10x her punch level πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚.

    5. BOWLING 🎳 (Time Stamp: 05:21)


    When I saw this game, I could not take my eye off it mostly because the only time I have seen this game is in the movies. I have never tried it out before. It was fun trying it out and really did enjoyed it.

    For my sister, she wasn't interested and didn't give it a try.

    6. DANCE BATTLE (Time Stamp: 06:45)


    Now, this is the most funniest in this video and do you know why, I am not a dancer but somehow my sister made me go into a dance battle with her. I was just laughing and some of the other guys there were laughing at the way I was dancing. This dance battle game ask us to follow the dancing steps displayed in the screen while the machine has a sensor that senses our dance movement.


    I don't think it would be hard for you to know who won in this game. I was mercilessly beaten by my sister. She got a score of over 100k points while I had 40k points from my dance movements.

    I am not surprised, I knew she would win from the beginning of the game. So kudos to my sister.


    Dreampark is a really nice place to go to as a family or hangout as a group of friends. You all would surely enjoy the time there. The environment is neat, there is in door and outdoor games, there is also swimming pool but I didn't check out the swimming pool part because I never planned it.

    If you are going there, it would be best to take a lot of cash because most of those games force you to spend. They are so tempting and gosh, you can borrow money from a friend on phone if you start playing the game and the credits you have finishes when you are just getting to have fun.

    Don't forget to watch the video, not to miss out on all the fun...

    Do you have centers like this in your states and country, if feel free to share in the comments section, I would be there curating your comments

    All images are mine except indicated otherwise





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    games travel hive fun proofofbrain palnet neoxian 1up vyb movie

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