Should we be striving for perfection?


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    Published on Jun 05, 2021
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    Hi Everyone,


    In early 2020, I wrote a post titled Perfection – The curse so many of us pursue. In that post, I discussed my ideas about perfection and the problems with perfection and the pursuit of it. Many people strive to attain perfection as they consider it the ultimate goal or sign of success. I have a very different view. Instead, I believe imperfection is superior to perfection. The written post explains the logic I use to support my arguments. The video presents many of the same ideas and arguments but in a different format, which might be preferred by some people. I also believe the video adds value to the written post, as it expands on previous points as well as includes some addition thoughts on the topic.

    Definitions of Perfection.


    A great place to start exploring a topic is with definitions. Below are the definitions that I refer to in the video presentation.

    Having everything that is necessary; complete and without faults or weaknesses (Oxford).

    Something that is perfect is as good as it could possibly be (Collins).

    Excellent or complete beyond practical or theoretical improvement (

    My biggest problem with perfection is that it cannot be improved upon. It brings us to a point of stagnation, as changes cannot improve the situation. We have reached a point where it is as good as it gets.

    What’s in the video?

    In the video in this post, I revisit my ideas about perfection. As over a year has lapsed since my written post, it is possible my opinions could have changed. I looked over the original post and found that most of my opinions are still very similar. For the video, I have updated the pictures from the original post to reflect Hive branding. I have also added an extra slide to the video, which I think is important as it adds additional perspective to my ideas regarding perfection.

    Below are the main sections of the video and the timings in video where I discuss these sections.

    • Introduction to my ideas regarding perfection (0:08 minutes)
    • Definitions of perfection (1:50 minutes)
    • Problems with perfection relating to homogeneity and the bigger picture (2:35 minutes)
    • The perfect species (super humans) and operating as a society and maintaining an ecosystem (6:05 minutes)
    • The perfect collapse of society through a lack of ability to diversify (7:30 minutes)
    • Perfection and perception (10:15 minutes)
    • Path to perfection and limitation of our expectations (12:50 minutes)
    • Imperfection is what makes us special (15:00 minutes)

    Key message from the video


    The key message from the video is that our imperfections enable us to receive and offer value to others. We can use our skills, expertise, and knowledge in particular areas to help those who have skills, expertise, and knowledge in different areas; the same is true vice versa. Together we can create an ecosystem that works well. We would be able to continuously change, adapt and improve our ecosystem, as we discover new things or when circumstances require us to make changes. Imperfection keeps life interesting and in many ways more beautiful because of the diversity of imperfection.

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